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We changed hosting services

What happened in the first week of May:
Our regulars may have noticed that F&F was down for a couple of days. The chronology of this is as follows:
on 5MAY someone put a successful order into our store.
on 6MAY I received an email from our old hosting service saying that they had made some changes.
on 7MAY someone else attempted to place a store but the store was broken. It couldn't accept orders. Investigation showed that the store, checkout, and order process programs couldn't pass information to each other (as they have been doing since approximately 2010). Somehow the environment had changed so that "PHP sessions", which is a fundamental part of the programming language I use for the store, no longer worked. I immediately attempted to contact our old hosting service. However, their help desk ticket program seems to use PHP sessions as well, so the trouble tickets I put in never were registered. I tried calling-all messages went to an answering machine and no one replied. I tried email-no reply. This was not the first time I have had problems contacting them, but this time it seemed permanent. After a 1 1/2 days of total silence, I made the somewhat traumatic decision to change hosting services after almost 20 years. I did so on Wednesday afternoon. By Wednesday evening the site had been migrated and I started checking things to make sure that the migration worked. By Thursday noon, I thought we were ready to go so I changed the DNS pointers on the web to go to the new location. This takes a bit of time to "propagate" through the web but now (Friday 11MAY) it seems to have happened.
I ask your indulgence. I am going to be testing every page and function, but if you find something that doesn't work, let me know at

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