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Battlefront WWII
2009 Scenario Competition

Scenario Name Description Time Period Author
Ingouf Farm
U.S. Paratroops attack Germans defending an farm in Normandy 11JUN1944 Normandy Andy Parkes
Kraut Corner
A tiny but vicious fight in the bocage where a U.S. Company with armor support assaults a German platoon. 11JUL1944 Normandy Stephen Uden
The Sanatorium At a critical point in the Battle of the Bulge, an American blocking force takes the offense against a very dangerous opponent - a cornered SS Kampfgruppe. 20DEC1944 Ardennes Offensive Richard de Ferrars and Paddy Green
Pulling the Pin

Excel base labels for Linnich
At the start of Operation Grenade, the crossing of the Roer River in February 1945, units of the 84th US Infantry division attempt a crossing at Linnich ahead of Monty's main attack. 24FEB1945 Roer River Ken Natt

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