We design wargames for historical military miniatures

Prices and discounts

Prices for each item are found on our on-line store. If more than one item is purchased, a discounted price may be available (not all items have discounts).


Items are sent by USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for both domestic and international orders.
Items will only be shipped to countries that accept international priority mail flat rates.
Shipping rates per envelope are as follows:

All other countries$33.95

We agree that these amounts are high, especially for international priority mail (which has gone from about $13 when we started to $31-$34 now). Unfortunately, these rates are determined by the postage that we are charged by the USPS (feel free to look at their website to confirm this). We are looking for alternatives, and if we find a cheaper way to ship the package to you, or if the actual rate we are charged is less than the amount above (some rates vary by country) we will refund the difference. Non-US customers may wish to contact stores that stock our products to see if they can provide a better deal. Note - if you stock our product and want to be added to this list, please let me know at

CountryStore Name
AustraliaElite Miniatures
42A 1st Street Railway Estate
Townsville QLD 4810
Phone: 07 47 210 169
United KingdomWargames Emporium
United KingdomSteve Barber Models
SpainEl Viejo Tercio
GermanyFrontline Games
Germany Worean Shop
Düsseldorferstr. 92
41515 Grevenbroich
Tel. 02181 704222

Postage is computed based on the total number of envelopes needed to hold your order. Three items can be put in each envelope. The Regimental Fire and Fury Rulebook and the Battlefront WWII Basic rules (rulebook and components) count as 2 items each. Each Battlefront WWII Card Supplement and the Regimental Fire and Fury Scenario Book count as 1 item each. If purchased separately, extra Regimental Fire and Fury Quick Reference Sheets will require their own envelope, otherwise they count as 0 items when one or more are included with other items.

If your total order has more items than will fit in one envelope, a separate postage charge will be made for each envelope. We will package your order to take up the minimum number of envelopes required.

To offset the sharp non-domestic (Canada and non-US overseas) postal increases, we will add one free set of 2 Regimental Fire and Fury Quick Reference sheets to any non-domestic order for Regimental Fire and Fury products. Note that there is a multi-product discount for Battlefront WWII products already in effect.

Retailers please contact us about alternate shipping methods for larger orders.

Maryland Sales Tax

Maryland Residents will be charged state sales tax (5%) based on the total price of all items purchased (before postage is calculated).

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