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Battlefront WWII
Artillery Tutorial

We claim that our rules are simple, but the reader contemplating artillery fire is immediately confronted with several pages of different kinds of fire missions, national differences, Call-for-Fire restrictions, etc. This tutorial is designed to introduce you to artillery with concrete examples.
Note: We made several modifications to the artillery rules that can be found on our official errata page. The examples below reflect these errata and may differ from the original rulebook.

The steps necessary for most fire missions are:
  1. Choose a firing unit or organization, target and observer
  2. Choose the type of fire mission and place the appropriate templates
  3. Resolve the Call-for-Fire procedure to determine if the attack takes place.
  4. Resolve the attack against any units caught in the templates.
This tutorial will show how you perform these steps and determine how to calculate fire missions.

ShellingOn-board Shelling by section, basic IDF procedures and resolution
Call-for-fireSome of the reasoning behind the call-for-fire rules
Call-for-fire ExampleUse of an observer, Call-for-Fire roll
Danger CloseResolving Danger Close Attacks
Battery FireAn introduction to artillery batteries.
Battery Fire MissionsThe options and modifiers available for battery fire, with an emphasis on the German Heavy Mortar Platoon FS-01.
Battalion Fire MissionsBasic Battalion Fire Missions
General SupportGeneral Support
Scenario ArtilleryScenario Artillery
German ArtilleryGerman Artillery Doctrine
It's mine-you can't use it.
Russian Artillery Russian Artillery Doctrine
Sorry, we can't do that...
British ArtilleryBritish Artillery Doctrine
To them that have much will be given.
United States ArtilleryAmerican Artillery Doctrine
Anything you want, you've got it...
Blitzkrieg/Early WarEmphasis on French Artillery Doctrine
Artillery conquers, Infantry Occupies!
Belgian ArtilleryBelgian 1940 doctrine
Fighting the last war
Japanese Artillery Not much, not often
Fire PlansSome Suggestions for pre-planned fire
Optional RulesSome Suggestions for enhancing the game system.

To download a PDF version of this tutorial (430k), click here. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to use it.

Useful Links

For an extremely detailed study of British artillery, please check out the Royal Artillery page. The Artillery in WWII page is also a good introduction, although less detailed.

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