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Except where others have given us permission to use their photographs (see below), Fire and Fury Games retains the copyright (©2000-2020) on all Battlefront WWII formats and information. We are giving you permission to create and use these prototype .pdf files for your personal use. They may not be sold. Also, we ask that you not modify the electronic files and not distribute them outside of your personal gaming groups. If we do decide to publish some of these cards, we will verify the numbers and take high-quality photographs. Until then, the information in these cards may be modified by us at any time and is not to be considered "official".
Picture Sources
In addition to pictures of miniatures painted by us or our customers, we have received permission to use photographs on our cards from several copyrighted sources, and have also found some in the public domain (especially from official government sites and Wikepedia commons). Acknowledgement of photos from outside sources are indicated at the bottom of the appropriate cards. If a card gives a photo credit, the original source retains all copyright privileges. Some of the sources for our pictures are:
GHQ miniatures QRF Miniatures GreekMilitary.Net Russian Battlefield Site Micro Armor Mayhem FRED T's Models (
U.S. Airforce Link Photo site U.S. Navy Historical site Tankograd. Photos from Tankograd are all © Jochen Vollert 2008. He is making them free for use if the copyright message is on the pics. It is, but the necessity to shrink the pics for the cards make it hard to read.
Photo sources for pictures found on the web not covered in the lists above can be found on our photo credits page.
If you wish to suggest a new prototype or contribute a photo for a missing unit, please send the information to (photos in .jpg format).
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Instructions (verified for Netscape 6.1 and IE 5.5):
Select units by clicking on their names. Selected units will be highlighted.

To select a range of units, hold the shift key and click on the first and last units in the range.

To select multiple individual units, hold the Ctrl key and click on the units you want.

When you are ready, press the Submit button below to include the highlighted units in the .pdf.
Select Paper Size: Letter A4
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