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Battlefront WWII
Bliztkrieg Orders of Battle and Unit Quality

The information on this page is designed for use with the new Battlefront WWII Blitzkrieg Card Supplement, which includes the cards needed for the early war French, Polish, British and German Forces. (Thank you Mark Hayes, Eric Feifer, et al.)

Cards in the supplement 
Blitzkrieg Era Artillery Practices
A discussion of early war artillery doctrine with the emphasis on French techniques.
Blitzkrieg Model Credits (.zip MS-WORD)
A list of the manufactures of the various models we used for the supplement.
Orders of battle
German Panzer Division organization 1940
Adobe PDF (79k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (49k)
7 Flieger (paratroop) Division by Craig Simms
Adobe PDF (102k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (25k)
Polish 1939
Adobe PDF (50k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (41k)
French 1939-1940
Adobe PDF (80k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (66k)
BEF 1940
Adobe PDF (82k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (60k)
Netherlands 1939-1940
Adobe PDF (34k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (27k)
Belgian 1939-1940 Infantry Division
by Andy Parkes
Adobe PDF (113k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (78k)
Belgian Chasseur Ardennais
by Andy Parkes
Adobe PDF (106k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (34k)
Finns Winter War 1939-1940, and Continuation War 1941-1944
Adobe PDF (328k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (116k)
From Information by Steve Keyer and various websites (including the excellent Winter War site).
Early War Russian 1939-1941
Adobe PDF (41k)  Powerpoint Presentation (.zip) (31k) By Edward Sturges
Links of interest
France 40 website
Orders of Battle
Achtung Panzer
Red Steel
Royal Dutch Order of Battle, 1940

Necessary Utilities

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