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Battlefront WWII
Extra Diagrams and special features

Name Description
Conforming to terrain This shows how to align your units with terrain so that they "conform" to the terrain to receive defensive benefits.
Close combat A detailed examination of a close combat attack, showing how all of the modifiers and results are determined.
Karpilovka Some hints for playing the Karpilovka scenario.
Rules Quiz A rules quiz to test your knowledge of the game mechanics. It selects 5 questions from a list of about 65, and we plan to add a few more. If you want any particular aspect of the game explained, please contact us and I will try to put it in the form of a multiple choice question and put it in the quiz. If you choose an incorrect response, the quiz will explain the proper mechanics. Note that the quiz was written with a pre-publication version of the rules, if you find any discrepancies, let me know and I will fix them.

See the Guide for starting out. Here are some sample low level formations that can be used as building blocks for your armies. The rulebook has a lot more.
Basic Unit Organizations
Base Sizes and Frontages
Russian Infantry, SMG, and Tank Battalion
German Panzer Grenadier and Panzer companies
See the description page for some U.S. Organizations

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