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Battlefront WWII is a military miniatures wargame that focuses on the tactical decisions faced by a battlegroup commander during a small unit action. The tactical unit is the squad or section. A stand of guns or heavy weapons represents a unit of two or three of the same type. Similarly, each vehicle model represents two or three vehicles. Squads and sections are organized into company-sized maneuver elements and battalion or regimental-sized battlegroups. The fast moving play sequence and intuitive graphic player aids enable players to concentrate on the intricacies of combined arms tactics without having to master complex game mechanics. Task organization and tactics are rewarded or penalized in a manner that appear historical to the gamer. Click on the products below to learn more.

BFWW2 Main Rules

BFWW2 Late War Supplement BFWW2 Blitzkrieg Supplement

BFWW2 Pacific Supplement BFWW2 North Africa Supplement

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