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The Company:

Fire and Fury Games is a loose consortium of wargamers and designers who enjoy both playing and designing miniature wargames. Our first effort was one of the most popular sets of American Civil War rules "Fire and Fury". When we feel that commercially available rules are not satisfactory, our immediate reaction is to develop our own! Our previous efforts were published and distributed by others, but in 2000, we felt that the time was right to undertake these tasks on our own, both for the obvious financial reason and also because we felt that we can give better support to our products if we have more control over them.

The principal members of the group:

Rich Hasenauer - Rich developed both the original and regimental versions of Fire And Fury, and turned Greg Lyle's original concept for an armor game into a finished product.

Jim Baker - Jim enthusiastically pushed the publication of the Battlefront WWII rules as a hobbyist. He also is in charge of the website.

In Memoriam

Fire and Fury Games has been hit hard by the real world in the past few years. Two of our group who were integral parts of the team from the beginning are no longer with us. We remember them fondly:

Greg Lyle - His "First Echelon" system, developed as a training aid for the US Army, was the direct ancestor of the Battlefront WWII system. Greg was an enthusiastic wargamer who retired as a LTC from the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps. Greg was also extensively involved with the original Fire and Fury. Sadly Greg passed away at the end of 2008.

Mark Hayes - Mark helped Rich extensively with the text editing and rules content on both the Fire and Fury products and Battlefront. He also kept interest in the game alive with his communication with the Battlefront and Fire and Fury community and could always be found running games at wargames conventions. Unfortunately Mark passed away unexpectedly in the spring of 2010.

The Regimental Fire and Fury Team

Michael Montemarano, rules lawyer and editor.
If you think RFF is easy to understand and presents few questions, thank Michael and Lowell, who went through every draft with care -- and a red pen. Michael has been involved since the 1980s as a playtester and editor, and wrote the section on game terrain in Fire&Fury. He has been one of the driving forces behind the expansion of RFF to other periods; his particular interests are 1859-1878 in Europe, the WSS. Michael also edited Age of Eagles for Bill Gray.

Lowell D. Hamilton

Steve Hanson

Fred Jaklitsch

Heike Hasenauer

The Battlefront WWII Team

Dave Choat-game developer, playtester, and the walking gauntlet for wacky rule ideas, Dave also contributed his considerable graphic design skills to the project.

Charles Sharp - Charles knows about as much about the Soviet forces in WWII as anyone you are likely to encounter.

We are regular attendees of HMGS East events where we are often found running Battlefront WWII and Fire and Fury games.
Some of the Team Clockwise from the upper left:
Mark Hayes, Mike Pierce (friend and playtester), Rich Hasenauer, Greg Lyle

Dave hiding out in a cornfield

Greg with his pet Nebelwerfer (is he about to win an argument with Rich about a rules question!?)

Greg and Charles at our booth at Historicon

Jim Baker and Marcey, an earlier "Dog of War".
Marcey has unfortunately gone to dog heaven. However, her replacement, Muffin is even more terrifying and ferocious (despite her appearance, she thinks she is a Rottweiler).

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