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Modern "First Echelon" Rules by R. Mark Davies (.pdf)
Rules SectionFileVersion and Date
TablesGame TablesVersion 1.1
ArtilleryArtilleryVersion 1.0
Chemical WarfareChemical WarfareVersion 1.0

Orders of Battle
Vietnam orbats by Mark R. (.pdf)
VC Local Force 7JUL2007
VC Main Force 
NVA Infantry Regiment 
NVA Armored Regiment 
US Forces 
Grenada by Chuck Collins
Grenada-Peoples' Revolutionary Armed Forces (PRAF) PDF format (32k) ZIPPED powerpoint format (26k).
Grenada-U.S. and Allied Forces PDF format (103k) ZIPPED powerpoint format (48k)
Argentina PDF format (754k) ZIPPED powerpoint format (643k) v1.2 27NOV2012
Great Britian PDF format (1.1M) ZIPPED powerpoint format (827k) v1.3 27NOV2012
South African/Angolan 1980s by R.Mark Davies.
Angolan/Cuban PDF format (283k) ZIPPED powerpoint format (88k) v2.2 14JUL2007
Unita PDF format (48k) ZIPPED powerpoint format (29k) v1.0 24MAY2007
South African PDF format (195k) ZIPPED powerpoint format (103k) v2.0 3JUN2007
Arab/Israeli War 1973 by Mark Hayes.
Israeli PDF format (46k) ZIP ppt (16k)
Egyptian PDF format (285k) ZIP ppt (77k)
Syrian PDF format (394k) ZIP ppt (65k)
Cold War Forces (1980s)
Cold War
Cold War Soviet PDF format (280k) ZIP ppt (124k) v1.9 19FEB2011
Cold War East German PDF format (353k) ZIP ppt (73k) v1.3 5DEC2009
Cold War Polish PDF format (147k) ZIP ppt (74k) v1.5 5DEC2009
Cold War Czech PDF format (136k) ZIP ppt (79k) v1.5 17FEB2011
Cold War Hungarian PDF format (297k) ZIP ppt (87k) v1.2 5DEC2009
Cold War Bulgarian PDF format (208k) ZIP ppt (86k) v1.0 5DEC2009
Cold War Romanian PDF format (175k) ZIP ppt (96k) v1.0 15DEC2009
Cold War British PDF format (3.9M) ZIP ppt (2.3M) v4.4 27OCT2018
Cold War U.S. PDF format (2.7M) ZIP ppt (2.3M) v2.6 6NOV2018
Cold War West German PDF format (3.8M) ZIP ppt (1.38M) v3.1 1MAY2017
Cold War West German Tank Equipment By Year PDF format XLSX v1.0 13SEP2016
Cold War Canadian PDF format (1.1M) ZIP ppt (743k) v2.3 29APR2017
Cold War Belgian & Luxembourg PDF format (1.27M) ZIP ppt (675k) v2.3 1MAY2017
Cold War Netherlands PDF format (1.3M) ZIP ppt (871k) v3.2 19NOV2018
Cold War Danish PDF format (781k) ZIP ppt (1M) v2.3 31AUG2018
Cold War Norwegian PDF format (.85M) ZIP ppt (.5M) v2.5 29APR2017
Cold War Greek PDF format (114k) ZIP ppt (54k) v1.2 31MAY2009
Cold War Turkish PDF format (157k) ZIP ppt (73k) v1.1 21DEC2009
Cold War Italian PDF format (1.5M) ZIP ppt (1.6M) v2.0 16AUG2018
Cold War Spain PDF format (1.3M) ZIP ppt (452k) v2.0 1MAY2017
Cold War Portugal PDF format (128k) ZIP ppt (66k) v1.2 13JAN2010
Cold War French PDF format (1.9M) ZIP ppt (1.03M) v2.2 1MAY2017
Cold War Austria PDF format (1M) ZIP ppt (722k) v1.1 26NOV2015
'Division Daguet' (6e DLB) during Operation Desert Sabre in 1991 PDF format (54k) ZIP ppt (34k) 3MAR2011
Cold War Sweden PDF format (1M) ZIP ppt (1M) v0.0 16AUG2018

Southwest Africa/Angola Links: contributed by RMD
Unofficial SADF This is to the unofficial SADF webpage, and I think the most useful place to start
War in Angola Johan Schoeman's War In Angola In Miniature Page
Bush War The South Africa Bush War Page
Modelling the Ratel ICV
Buffel & Bulldog APCs A Painting Guide
'Bad Guys' Personal Accounts From the SADF
The Battle of Cassinga 1978 A superb dissertation on the controversial South African airborne operation, written by a serving SANDF general and drawn mainly from primary sources.

Other Modern Links
Urban Operations Journal A site which discusses the problems and techniques of modern operations in cities.
Israeli Weapons A site which has a lot of data on Israeli tanks and weapons.
Armoured Acorn RMD says this is a FANTASTIC painting/modelling resource - literally hundreds of colour plates of mainly Canadian vehicles, but also of other nations, from WW2 and post-war, including lots of plates of Canada's 4th Mechanised Brigade in NATO.
Global Security This is an excellent site packed with information for the modern gamer including technical specifications. Lots of other useful information and news as well. The technical information will be extremely useful for possible future moderns cards for those interested in designing such things.
Scandanavian Armor A site dedicated to the armored forces of Scandanavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark).
Greek Military This site is dedicated to the modern forces of Greece and Cyprus, with some 20th century history as well.

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