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Battlefront in the Spanish Civil War

SCW prototype cards can be found in our prototype card creator.

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After Action Report - Republican attack on the Ebro.

Joe Marmilic has given us a table to generate random unit quality for SCW combatants.
Webpage Zip file containing both .doc and .pdf 68k
Mark Davies and Juan Carlos Cebrian gave me information for the Republican Formations. Updated 12DEC2002 Zipped Powerpoint 27k PDF 31k
Some Nationalist Formations from Juan Carlos Cebriàn Updated 12DEC2002 Zipped Powerpoint 40k PDF 46k

Links of Interest
Spanish Revolution and Civil War The SCW from a basically Anarchist/Socialist perspective.
Advanced Squad Leader for SCW ASL scenarios are easily converted to BFWW2. Does anyone want to take a shot at converting the vehicles listed here to BF stats?
Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives The Abraham Lincoln Brigade was an organization of young leftists/communists from the U.S. who fought on the Republican side.
Spanish Civil War Factbook The factbook sites have lots of good information.

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