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Resolving Problems

We at Fire and Fury Games are proud of our record of customer service. If something went wrong or there is a problem with your order, let us know and we will attempt to correct it as soon as possible. For order inquiries, send us an email at For other issues, contact us at Make sure that you give us your name, and, if you have it, the order number that has a problem.

When you complete your order, you should receive a Customer Information Form email response from us. It is a good idea to check your address on this form. If you find that you entered your address incorrectly, contact us immediately, and you may be able to correct it before we process the order.

Below are common problems, their possible causes, and their solutions.

No confirmation email received

If you saw the "Thank you for your order" screen at the end of the orders process, but did not receive a confirmation email with the Customer Information Form, there are two probable reasons. If you can't find the confirmation message, contact us and ask if we received your order. In addition to the confirmation message it sends you, our order process also sends us a notification, so we should have the information on file. Also, if you used our link to Paypal for payment, Paypal will send us a notification of payment which includes the information we need to complete the order. You can check with us to see if we are already processing it (yet another reason to use Paypal).

Your order hasn't arrived

If you sent your order and payment, but have not received your order, feel free to contact us. However, please wait to give us time to process your order and for the postal service to deliver it. We would prefer that you wait at least 3 weeks after you place your order before inquiring. Be sure to check the address on the Customer Information form. Also, unless you use Paypal, it will take time for us to receive your payment and process it (again, yet another reason to use Paypal).

Your order arrived and is incorrect or incomplete

Contact us, we will make things right.

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