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Battlefront in World War I/1920s

WW1 prototype cards can be found in our prototype card creator.

WW1/Early 20th Century Forum

WWI orders of battle courtesy of participants in the forum. Zipped Powerpoint 79k PDF 110k Updated 07JAN2003
A discussion of WWI Balkan/Middle East orders of battle from the forum by Luke Willen and Mark Hayes
PDF 16k

Mark Hayes' Cover table for WW1.

Infantry is given a "Field Craft Rating" (FCR) corresponding to their expertise and training.
Most infantry in 1914 would have an FCR of 1 and those in 1918 a 3 (corresponding to WWII levels).
A FCR of 2 could be for British, French, German, and Serbian infantry in 1915, and everybody else in 1916.
British, German, and French infantry could have a FCR of 3 in 1917, but everybody else rates a 2.

FCR Open
Soft Cover
Hard Cover

Links of Interest
Trenches on the Web A great site that is constantly updating and loaded with all kinds of useful material. Leans toward more popular interpretations of the war.
The Great War Society. An international organization that has long been a home for enthusiasts the scholars interested in the period. Lots of unique or hard to find material, including contributions from continental European members. Outstanding links page.
Belgian Fronts As the title suggests, this site focuses on the war in Belgium. It is a great example of what a specialized site can contribute by concentrating on a lesser-known topic. Contains OBs for the Belgian Army throughout the war.
World War I document Archive Period documents on the web.
The Battle of Arras A look at the Battle of Arras and Canadas participation in the War.
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