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Copyright Policies

Visitors to this site will find that most of the information can be downloaded free of charge. However, this does not mean that it is in the public domain. The copyright for all information on this site belongs either to us (Fire and Fury Games) or the author of an individual document, who has given us the rights to distribute his/her product.

Our copyright policy is divided into two sections:

Our Commercial Products

All of our commercial products (the rulebooks, published cards, etc.) are protected by copyright. You may not make copies of these works, distribute them, or modify them without our permission. The applies to anything on the on-line store. If you want to modify one of our products to create something new (such as the authorized "Age of Eagles" and "Age of Honor" modifications of the basic Fire&Fury rules), you must ask our permission first.

Our free downloads

If not on our on-line store, information on this site is published free of charge. The copyright permissions we want to give for our free downloads conform roughly to the Creative Commons "Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike" (cc by-nc-sa) license:
License Deed - what you can and can't do
Legal Code - written in lawyer

Essentially, the cc by-nc-sa license allows you to use the product as you wish as long as you don't sell it or change it and claim the work as your own without attribution. The one modification to the cc by-nc-sa license we would like to make is that you not distribute on-line copies of our documents, but instead distribute the URL. This is done not only because we want to generate traffic, but also because many of our documents have been updated, and readers should see the latest version.

If you modify one of our documents for non-commercial use, we would like you to include an acknowledgement of our site and the source document. The easiest way to do this is to provide a link to the original document somewhere in your copy with text such as "This document is based on ...". Note that the cc by-nc-sa license also provides that you publish your new document with a similar license.

If you want to create a commercial product based on one of our cc by-nc-sa documents, you must ask our permission. We will put you in touch with the author (most of our non-commercial stuff was contributed by our customers) and you can work out a suitable arrangement.

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