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Call For Fire Example

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Example 2 - On board fire - Observed spotting attack, Call For Fire

Call For Fire

Step 1: Determine the Target

A veteran German 8cm mortar (card GE-52) X in Good Order is attached to a German infantry company maneuver element as Organic support (p.36). It is emplaced 48" from a veteran American infantry unit A that is moving across an open field. Consulting the spotting chart, we see that a troop class unit without concealment will normally be seen at 10". However, if the target is moving, the spotting distance will be moved up one on the Modified distance chart to 20". The German mortar unit cannot spot the target by itself. However, the commander of that company (veteran, suppressed) Y is located 10" from the target and spots it. The commander has the option of contacting the mortar to conduct indirect fire.

Step 2: Determine the type of fire mission

The mortar unit is firing by section and attempting to damage the target, so it will use a shelling mission.

Step 3: Place the template

The mortar template is placed on one of the aiming points of the target. As the firing unit is on the board the template is aligned along the direction of fire.

Step 4: Determine if the attack arrives

Call For Fire Table
The fire does not automatically arrive. Instead, a die roll on the Call-For-Fire table (p.35) is made to see if the attack can be resolved. This die roll represents the skill of the observer in correcting fire and the chance of making contact with the artillery. In this case a German commander is attempting to contact Organic Fire Support, so a 4 or more must be rolled on a d10. This is modified by the Commander's discipline rating (Suppressed/Veteran = -1). If a 5 or higher is rolled, the attack is resolved as before.

Step 5: Resolve the attack

Assuming that the call-for-fire roll is successful, the attack will be resolved using the indirect fire ratings of the mortar. As in example 1, the veteran/good order modifier will be applied to the attack die roll because the mortar is on the board. If the mortar were off-board, the discipline rating modifier would not apply. Note that observer's discipline rating modifier applies to the call for fire, while the firing unit's discipline rating modifier applies to the attack itself.

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