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Fire Plans

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Pre-planned Fire

The standard artillery rules in BF simulate the use of on-call fire against "targets of opportunity". This was actually a small part of the artillery usage in the war, as much of the fire was conducted as part of a fire plan. The techniques for developing fire plans were well established in World War I, and most nations were capable of doing them (although at the beginning of the war the Soviets had difficulties, due to losses and lack of trained personnel, by 1943 and later their higher level organizations were fully competent). The key elements of fire plans were their creativity and their inflexibility (which may seem incompatible, but really are not).

Using Fire Plans in BF

You can create a several turn fire plan at the start of a game. The types of missions should be consistent with the nationalities: Fire plans should generally not last more than 3 or 4 turns or they can overwhelm the game.
Either the referee should plot the plan, or the player with the artillery should do it before seeing his opponent's setup.

Defensive Preregistration

Once a defender has had time to set up, one of the first things that is done is to preregister artillery targets and set up a defensive fire plan. There are several ideas that can be utilized: Use whatever method you wish in your scenarios, but just be sure that you make clear where preregistration can be used and who can use it.

Offensive Preregistration

Just as defenders can use preregistration, so can attackers if they are moving from a static position. You should limit preregistration to those areas of the board which can be observed from the attacker's front line.
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