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Battlefront WWII
Special Units
Special units in the new Card Supplement
Unit Special Rules
M3 Lend Lease Grant RU-35 The Grant had its main gun in a hull mount and a secondary gun (37mm) in a turret. When hull down or firing to the rear, the Grant could not use its main armament, but only the turret. Use the lower set of numbers. Note that the Grant is also subject to the rear fire penalty when firing to the rear, in addition to using a less effective gun.
Assaulting Buildings with Vehicles Certain vehicles (see the notes) are allowed to close-combat T,G, and sV units in buildings. However, even if they defeat their opponents, they may not occupy the buildings.
Marder Replacement Card GE-07.1 As we stated in the original errata, we messed up the original German Marder Card with the wrong picture. We fixed this in the supplement by making GE-07.1 the Marder II and adding GE-63 as the Marder III. The pictures and stats for both vehicles should now be correct and replace the version in the first card set completely.
Jadgpanzer IV Replacement Card GE-10.1 While researching the Jadgpanzer IV, we found that the 7.5cm/L70 version was significantly up-armored from the 75L48 version. Use the original card for the 75L48 version (ignore the 75L70 line) and use this card for the 75L70 version.
Elefant IV Replacement Card GE-12.1 Use this card for later versions of the Elefant. Not only did the Germans add some extra Antipersonnel weapons, but they also increased the armor. Use the original card for the version of this vehicle that appeared at Kursk. Use this card for the version that was used later (it was used in Italy).
US Infantry Replacement Card US-18.1 US-18.1 There has been a lot of discussion among the group about rating the long-range fire of various infantry squads. For example, how do the British (Bren + bolt action rifles) compare with the German Infantry(MG42 + bolt action rifles) and the U.S. (Garand + BAR). The addition of the various paratroop units in the supplement brought this to a head and we decided to downgrade the basic U.S. infantry squad at long range for consistency. This card replaces the original.
T34-85 Replacement Card RU-03.1 As explained in the errata, we gave the T34-85 too much armor in the original card set. This is a replacement.
SU-122 Replacement Card RU-08.1 As explained in the errata, the SU-122 in the first card set was a combination of the right gun with the wrong chassis. This card is a replacement that reflects that this vehicle used the T34 chassis with a 122mm howitzer.

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