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There were a lot of good Battlefront and Fire and Fury games at this year's Cold Wars. Regimental Fire and Fury was much in evidence, even prior to is publication (which bodes well), and Battlefront also made its presence felt.

Karpilovka-A hard fought battle.

Pete Landry went back to the beginning and ran the Karpilovka scenario out of our rulebook. After inital reverses, the Russians managed to inflict enough casualties so that the Germans needed to evict them from the town to salvage a draw.
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Karpilovka Photo01
Karpilovka Photo 1
Rather than attacking along the two axes dictated by the game setup, the Germans decided to maneuver their left-flank forces so that they hit more toward the center, thus concentrating their forces. Here the inital right-flank forces emerge from the woods and contact the Russian front-line.
Karpilovka Photo02
Karpilovka Photo 2
Another view of the Germans emerging from the woods.
Karpilovka Photo03
Karpilovka Photo 3
Having maneuvered to their right, the Germans send their forces against the Russian center.
Karpilovka Photo04
Karpilovka Photo 4
The battle climaxes as the Germans fight for the town. Note the destroyed vehicles. In this scenario, the Russians receive lots of victory points for destroying German AFVs. Despite being near their objectives, the Germans are fighting for a draw.

Desert Pickup.

Richard threw together a really interesting pick-up game in the desert, with reinforcements appearing randomly from different parts of the board. As usual, he can throw together realistic looking battlefields with just a sheet and some kitty-litter (he assured us that he only uses the kitty-litter after it dries :-) ). The desert battles look much better in person than they do in photographs (they tend to look a bit washed-out).
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Desert Photo01
Desert Photo 1
The Germans advance toward the center, leaving trails of dust behind them.
Desert Photo02
Desert Photo 2
British tanks move up to greet them.
Desert Photo03
Desert Photo 3
The Germans assault the British left flank forces.
Desert Photo03
Desert Photo 4
The survivors of the British left head toward the German rear.

Kokoda Trail 4

Steven Lee put on the fourth of his battles based on the Kokoda Trail battles in New Guinea in 1942. This scenario is now available here. As usual with Steve's scenarios, the game is hard-fought with managable forces. The Australians are heavily outnumbered, but start well entrenched. The game ended in a hard-fought draw.
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The Battlefield from the West
The Battlefield from the West
The Japanese forces ready themselves for a rush on the Western edge of the Australian positions.
The Battlefield from the East
The Battlefield from the East
The Japanese move through the overgrown garden and contact the front line Australian entrenchments.
Preparing for the charge
Preparing for the charge
The Western Japanese reach the edge of the clearing and prepare to move up.
Private!-Go out there and look in the trees./Yes Sir, Right Away Sir.
Fight in the North
Fight in the North
The battle rages for the Northern line of entrenchments. Other Japanese forces move up through the Jungle
Scouts 2
Scouts 2
We found them sir! The brave scouts encounter the Australian Western line of trenches.
Move Out!
Move out!
The Japanese Western force moves to attack. The Australians lay MG grazing fire.
The Japanese Western force hits the front line.
Into the Jungle
Into the Jungle
Having broken into the Australian position, the Japanese encounter the second line of trenches, and Australian reinforcements move up.
Close Combat
Close Combat
Fighting Rages in the Jungle.

Sickles' Salient

Rich ran a huge battle using the playtest Regimental Fire and Fury rules. This game was based on the critical second day assault at Gettysburg, where the Union General Sickles moved his forces forward out of the main Union line (against orders) and gave the Confederates a chance to crush them in detail. Played all day, this game certainly put the rules to the test.
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Sickles Salient Photo 1
The battle begins
At the start, the Union Forces have moved into an exposed position. Historically, Meade ordered Sickles to pull back, but Sickles ignored him, inviting disaster. In the game, the Union did pull back.
Sickles Salient Photo 2
From Behind the Union Lines
A view of the start of the battle from behind the Union Lines.
Sickles Salient Photo 3
Another Angle
Another view of the start of the battle.
Sickles Salient Photo 4
From the Confederate side
Confederate Forces prepare their assault.
Sickles Salient Photo 5
Immediate attack on Devil's Den
Confederate Forces launch an attack on the Devil's Den before the rest of the forces were ready.
Sickles Salient Photo 6
20th Maine Awaits the Attack
Union Forces on Little Round Top watch as Confederates move over Big Round Top. Devil's Den is in the background.
Sickles Salient Photo 7
Devil's Den Falls
The Confederates take Devil's Den.
Sickles Salient Photo 8
A view from the Union Right Flank
Union Forces prepare to meet the assault on the other flank.
Sickles Salient Photo 9
Confederates move out
The Confederates start moving out from Devil's Den. The head of a Union reserve force can be seen on the left.
Sickles Salient Photo 10
The Defense coalesces
Union forces on Little Round Top and opposing the Devil's Den thrust start to form a solid line.
Sickles Salient Photo 11
Chamberlain fights for the Hill
The 20th Maine receives an attack on the Left Flank at Little Round Top
Sickles Salient Photo 12
The Union Line Forms
As the Confederates push up the valley between Devil's Den and the Round Tops, Union forces prepare to meet them.
Sickles Salient Photo 13
Another View
A view from the defenders position.
Sickles Salient Photo 14
Killer Angels
The fight for Little Round Top
Sickles Salient Photo 15
Crisis Averted
The Confederate thrust from Devil's Den is opposed by a solid line.


Bill Moreno put on several visually stunning Vicksburg games using the original Fire and Fury rules. Featured prominently was Paul Bernadino's impressive scratch-built courthouse.
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A view of the city
A view of the city
The terrain was very well done
Another angle
Another angle
From a different perspective
Gunboats shell the town. Thanks to H. Lubbers for this photo.

Little Round Top

Fire and Fury regimental rules were also used in a refight of Gettysburg by the group which is organizing a big Gettysburg event later this year. I want to thank Henry Lubbers for some of these photos. While this game covered essentially the same subject as Richard's megagame, they scaled it down to be slightly more manageable.
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Assault on the Left
20th Maine
The 20th Maine awaits the Confederate Assault on the top of Little Round Top.
Devil's Den
Devil's Den
The Confederates assault Devil's Den.
Devil's Den 2
Devil's Den 2
A view of the fight from Little Round Top.
Devil's Den 3
Devil's Den 3
The Union has been pushed out.
Desperate Struggle
Desperate Struggle
The fighting rages.

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