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Rich, Greg, Dave Choat, and Mark Hayes attended the Origins convention this year and put on some demonstration games. Craig Lytton was kind enough to share some of the photographs that he took of a demonstration game, a Task Force Cherry Battle, and, just to remind us where we came from, an ACW battle using the Fire & Fury ACW rules.

Demonstrating the rules

Here are a couple of pictures of U.S. forces taking on Elefants in a rules demonstration being conducted by Greg Lyle.
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Demo Picture 1
Greg shows the rules
Greg demonstrates the rules by having a Battalion of U.S. Armor assault a couple of Elefants.
Demo Picture 2
The U.S. finds out about 88s
Engaging in gun combat with Elefants is not a good idea, as is shown here.
Demo Picture 3
Close combat is the way.
As is shown here, if the U.S. can maneuver into a close combat situation, it is possible to take on the powerful German units with a good chance of success.
Demo Picture 4
What-Me Worry?
An Elefant in all its glory

ACW Revisited

Rich revisited our roots with an Chickamauga battle using the F&F ACW rules.
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Chickamauga Photo 1
Photo 1
Chickamauga Photo 1
Chickamauga Photo 2
Photo 2
Chickamauga Photo 2
Chickamauga Photo 3
Photo 3
Chickamauga Photo 3
Chickamauga Photo 4
Photo 4
Chickamauga Photo 4
Chickamauga Photo 5
Photo 5
Chickamauga Photo 5
Chickamauga Photo 6
Photo 6
Chickamauga Photo 6
Chickamauga Photo 7
Photo 7
Chickamauga Photo 7

Team Cherry Revisited

Another demonstration of our Team Cherry scenario.
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Team Cherry Photo 1
Bare Battlefield
Team Cherry Battlefield
Team Cherry Photo 2
Town to the East
The town at the East End of the Map
Team Cherry Photo 3
Rich sets up
Richard H. lays out the attacking German Columns
Team Cherry Photo 4
Germans ready for battle
The attacking forces prepare to advance
Team Cherry Photo 5
Germans ready for battle
The attacking forces prepare to advance
Team Cherry Photo 6
The Southern Column
The Southern Attacking Column from the American positions.
Team Cherry Photo 7
The German Rearguard
In this scenario, the Germans not only must advance against the Americans to the West, but defend against Americans coming from the East. The Eastern town is strongly held.
Team Cherry Photo 8
U.S. Forces await the Northern Column
The German Northern column must try to push through and Infantry/Engineer force defending the town.
Team Cherry Photo 9
A Panther is discovered
The Americans coming from the East encounter the German Rearguard.
Team Cherry Photo 10
The Northern Column encounters resistance
The Northern column hits the Americans defending in the town.
Team Cherry Photo 11
A Panther Attacks
The Northern Column pushes into the town, spearheaded by a Panther. This may not be a good idea, as infantry are at their best in this situation.
Team Cherry Photo 12
Town Fight
A continuation of the previous situation, the U.S. attacks the armored vehicle in the town.

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