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One of the gratifying things about coming out with a good set of rules is that other people use them! Here are some photos from the RECON 01 convention which show a game put on by Mark Stricker (who is the most active member of our Early East Front playtest group). He put on a scenario using small forces of early Barbarossa period armor and was nice enough to send us some photos. His scenario is available here.

East Front Meeting engagement

German forces launched Operation BARBAROSSA on 22 June 1941. Within von Bock's Center Army Group, the 3rd (Hoth) and 4th (Hoepner) Panzer Groups (Armies) were to conduct a double envelopment operation to encircle Soviet Forces before Minsk. A quick advance by the panzer divisions of the Groups was critical. Within Hoth's sector, the securing of bridgeheads across the Niemen River became vitally important. The bridges in the vicinity of Alytus (approximately 60 km from the frontier) became the first day's objective for the 7th Panzer Division. Late in the afternoon on the 22nd, the advance elements of the 7th Panzer reached Alytus and quickly pushed across to the east side of the River. This scenario recreates the initial counterattacks by elements of Soviet Colonel F.F. Fedorov's 5th Tank Division against the southern bridgehead.
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Recon 01 Initial setup
The initial set up
In the top of the photo (the Soviet left flank) motorized infantry, loaded on GAZ-AA light trucks, advance along the trees. In the center elements of two T-26 light tank units move forward. On the Soviet right (on the bottom edge of the picture), a fast moving BT-7 unit is attempting to turn the German defenses. All defending Germans use hidden set-up in this scenario.
Recon 01 Russian Turn 1
The Russians move out
Close-up of some of the advancing T-26 tanks and motorized infantry. No T34-85s and IS-2s here. The short ranges and weak armor of the early war forces put a premium on maneuver.
Recon 01 German Turn 2
Some Pz38Ts lurking in the woods
On the other side, a Pz38(t) platoon on the German right flank over-watch the village in the center. The German armored units are not much more powerful than the Russians.
Recon 01 Russian Turn 3
The Russians approach the town
The Soviets use smoke to cover their advance on the village. At the top left of the picture, the BT-7s use their speed to attempt to turn the German flank.
Recon 01 Turn 4
Clash of Armor
German panzers charge out of the woods and smoke to counterattack the T-26 units that are attempting to breach the railroad embankment.
Recon 01 Turn 5
Smoke envelops the Battlefield
The Soviets fire a 122mm battalion smoke mission to cover their advance in the center. A German Pz38(t) platoon charges into close combat.
Recon 01 Turn 7
Ambush! Another Pz38(t) platoon, a Pak 35/36 37mm ATG and a PzIIF hit the second T-26 unit. The Soviets hope the BT-7s will arrive in time.
Mark says that he is going to put on a revised version of this scenario at this year's Historicon. Maybe we will have some more pictures :-)

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