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Some Photos from Germany

Thomas Riepe was kind enough to give us a few photos from the BF games he is playing with his son in Germany. Soldiers and vehicles are Britannia buildings are modified wargrid.
Click on the Thumbnail for a full-size photo Description
Riepe Picture 1
German Troops
German Troops advance toward the town
Riepe Picture 2
U.S. Troops
U.S. Troops and a tank advance from the other direction.
Riepe Picture 3
U.S. Troops
A back view of the U.S. Troops
Riepe Picture 4
A Panther waits for the U.S. Advance
Riepe Picture 5
German Halftrack
A German Halftrack
Riepe Picture 6
The Town
An aerial view of the town they are fighting over
Riepe Picture 7
Destroyed Halftrack
A German Halftrack comes to a fiery end.

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