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Air Attack options

Air Attack Options

Mandated AA fire

p. 32 of the rulebook says that units that are the target of an air-to-ground attack may only fire at the aircraft attacking them. Experience has shown that in large scenarios with lots of aircraft, this can lead to some "gamey" tactics, where aircraft are used more to disable defensive fire than to attack targets. See the phorum discussion on this for more background. As an option, let units which are the subject of an air attack hold their defensive fire, but have them always subject to the -2 Jabo modifier.

Spotting while under Air Attack

Another option is to apply a -1 spotting modifier to units which were subject to air attack during the most recent enemy turn.

As air attacks occur in the offensive fire segment of the player turn, both of the options above require that you track units which were attacked by airplanes, but the additional paperwork or markers might add a bit of realism without too much extra effort.

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