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Battlefront WWII
Units in the Basic Card Set

Note that several cards from the original set had corrections published in later sets
GE-001 PzKpfw II L,M 5cmL/60 (Tank)GE-002 PzKpfw IIIN 7.5cm L/24 (Tank)
GE-003 PzKpfw IV G, H 7.5cm L/48 (Tank)GE-004 Panther PzKpfw V G 7.5cm L/70 (Tank)
GE-005 Tiger I PzKpfw VIe 8.8cm L/56 (Tank)GE-006 Königstiger PzKpfw VIB 8.8cm L/71 (Tank)
GE-007 Marder III 7.5cm L/46 auf PzKäg 38(t) (Tank Destroyer)GE-008 Hetzer Pzjäg 38(t) 7.5cm L/48 (Tank Destroyer)
GE-009 Nashorn 8.8cm L/71 auf Gw III/IV (Tank Destroyer)GE-010 Jagdpanzer IV 7.5cm L/48 or L/70 (Tank Destroyer)
GE-011 Jagdpanther PzJäg V 8.8cm L/71 (Tank Destroyer)GE-012 Ferdinand Elefant Pzjäg Tiger (P) 8.8cm L/71 (Tank Destroyer)
GE-013 StuG III Ausf G 7.5cm L/48 (Assault Gun)GE-014 StuH 42 10.5cm L/28 auf StuG III (Assault Gun)
GE-015 Grille siG 33 15cm L/12 auf Gw 38(t) (Assault Gun)GE-016 Wirbelwind FlakPz IV 2cm Flakvirling 38 L/112 (AA Vehicle)
GE-017 Möbelwagen FlakPz IV 3.7cm Flak 36 L/98 (AA Vehicle)GE-018 FlakPz 38(t) 2cm Flak L/112 (AA Vehicle)
GE-019 ZgKW 1t SdKfz 10/4 2cm Flak L/112 (AA Vehicle)GE-020 PzBeobWg III (Forward Observer/Command Tank)
GE-021 SPW SdKfz 251/1 (halftrack)GE-022 SPW SdKfz 251/10 3.7cm L/45 (Platoon Leader halftrack)
GE-023 GrWW SdKfz 251/2 8cm sGrW34 (Mortar halftrack)GE-024 Stummel SPZ SdKfz 251/9 7.5cm L/24 (Close Support Halftrack)
GE-025 SPW Sdkfz 251/17 2cm Flak L/112 (AA halftrack)GE-026 leSPW SdKfz 250/1 (light halftrack)
GE-027 leSPW SdKfz 250/8 7.5cm L/24 (Light Close Support Halftrack)GE-028 PzSpw SdKfz 250/9 2cm L/55 (Scout halftrack)
GE-029 ZgKW 11 SdKfz 10 (Light Prime mover)GE-030 ZgKW 3t SdKfz 11 (Medium Prime Mover)
GE-031 ZgKW 8t SdKfz 7 (Heavy Prime mover)GE-032 sPzSpw SdKfz 234/1 2cm L/55 (Heavy Armored Car)
GE-033 Puma sPzSpw SdKfz 234/2 5cm L/60 (Heavy Armored Car)GE-034 Kübelwagen VW Typ82 Kfz 1 (Field Car)
GE-035 Krupp-Protze LH243 1.5t (Light Truck)GE-036 Opel Blitz 3t (Medium Truck)
GE-037 Gefechtstross (Horse Transport)GE-038 7.5cm leIG18 L/12 (Light Infantry Gun)
GE-039 15cm sIG33 l/11 (Heavy Infantry Gun)GE-040 5cm Pak38 L/60 (AT Gun)
GE-041 7.5cm Pak40 L/46 (AT Gun)GE-042 8.8cm Flak 41 (AA/AT Gun)
GE-043 2cm Flak 38 L/112 (AA Gun)GE-044 Infanterie (Rifle Infantry)
GE-045 Maschinepistolen (SMG Infantry)GE-046 Kommandeur (Commander)
GE-047 Pioniere (Combat Engineers)GE-048 Vorgeschobene Beobachter (Forward Observer)
GE-049 leichte Maschinengeweher (Light Machine Gun)GE-050 schweres Maschinengewehr (Heavy Machine Gun)
GE-051 Panzerschreck (Infantry AT)GE-052 8cm sGrW 34 (8cm mortar)
GE-053 JU-87G Stuka (Ground Attack Aircraft) 
US-01 M5 Stuart 37mm Light TankUS-02 M4 Sherman Medium Tank 75mm or 76mm
US-03 M10 Wolverine 3-in. Tank DestroyerUS-04 M18 Hellcat 76mm Tank Destroyer
US-05 M8 Soctt 75mm Self-Propelled HowitzerUS-06 M7 Priest 105mm Self-propelled Howitzer
US-07 M4 Sherman 105mm Self-Propelled HowitzerUS-08 M3 Personnel Carrier
US-09 M4 81mm Mortar CarrierUS-10 M16 .50-cal Multiple Gun Motor Carrieage
US-11 M8 Greyhound 37mm Armored CarUS-12 M20 Armored Utility Car
US-13 JeepUS-14 3/4-ton or 1-1/2 Ton Light Truck
US-15 2-1/2 Ton Medium TruckUS-16 M5 3-in. Antitank Gun
US-17 M1 57mm Antitank GunUS-18 Infantry
US-19 CommanderUS-20 Combat Engineers
US-21 Forward ObserverUS-22 M1919 Browning .30-cal Light Machine Gun
US-23 M1917 Browning .30-cal Med. Machine GunUS-24 M2 60mm Mortar
US-25 M1 81mm MortarUS-26 P-47D Thunderbolt
RU-01 Legkii Tank T-70RU-02 Srednii Tank T-34-76
RU-02 Srednii Tank T-34-85RU-04 Tyazhel'i Tank KV-1
RU-05 Tyazhel'i Tank IS-2RU-06 Legkii Samokhodnoe Orudne (SU-76)
RU-07 Srednii Samokhodnoe Orudne (SU-85)RU-08 Srednii Samokhodnoe Gaubitsa (SU-122)
RU-09 Tyazhel'i Samokhodnoe Pushka-Gaubitsa (ISU-152)RU-10 Legkii Broneavtomobil BA-64B
RU-11 Legkii Bronetransporter (M3A1 Scout Car)RU-12 Polkovaya Gaubitsa obr. 1927 (76mm Regt. Howitzer)
RU-13 Protivotankovaya Puska obr. 1943 (45mm AT Gun)RU-14 Protivotankovaya Puska ZIS-2 (57mm AT Gun)
RU-15 Divizionnaya Puska ZIS-3 (76.2mm Div Cannon)RU-16 Legkii Zenitnaya Pushka obr. 1939 (37mm AA Gun)
RU-17 Streloknoe Voiska (Rifle Infantry)RU-18 Avtomatchikii (SMG Infantry)
RU-19 Komandir (Commander)RU-20 Saperi (Combat Engineers)
RU-21 Razvedchiki (Scouts)RU-22 Artilleriskii Nablyudatel' (Forward Observer)
RU-23 Protivotankovoe Ruzh'e PTRD (AT Rifle)RU-24 Puchnoi Pulemet DP (Light Machine Gun)
RU-25 Stankovyi Pulemet MT (Medium Machine Gun)RU-26 Krupnokalibernyi Pulemet DSHK (Heavy AA MG)
RU-27 Potavoe Minomet (82mm Mortar)RU-28 Artilleriskaya peredok (Horse Limber)
RU-29 IL-2M3 Sturmovik (Ground Attack Aircraft) 

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