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Bovington 2010 Engineering rules

Bovington 2010 Engineering Rules

In a massive convention game put on at Bovington 2010, Battlefront UK (RMD, Richard de Ferrars, Ken Natt, Paddy Green, et al.) put on a massive scenario involving a set-piece attack on a fortified position. Engineers played a major role in the assault, they developed some more detailed set of engineering rules to cover the equipment and fortifications involved.

Table of Contents

Anti-Tank Ditches Table of Contents

Clearing KO'd Vehicles from Defiles with bulldozers Table of Contents

Dozer and dozer-blade equipped tanks may clear KO'd vehicles from defiles, taking one action to do so.

Clearing Minefields with Flail Tanks Table of Contents

Clearing Minefields with Engineers or Assault Pioneers Table of Contents

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