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Battlefront WWII
Bovington 2010 Fog of War

Bovington 2010 Fog of War

In normal circumstances, the defender should deploy all forces as Hidden Unit Markers and allocate Dummy Unit Markers as per the rulebook. However, this loses all visual impact. These rules were developed for a demonstration game at 'Battlegroup South 2010' in The Tank Museum, Bovington, and Hidden Unit Markers would not create the desired visual impression. In order to introduce an element of fog-of-war while maintaining the visual aspect of the demonstration game (something that is not possible using normal Hidden Unit and Dummy Markers), we have developed a system of 'Alternate Positions'. This system allows unobserved units to be 'teleported' to a new location, thus simulating the covert movement of reserves by the defender, as well as poor intelligence and reconnaissance on the part of the attacker.:

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