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Battlefront WWII
Some Facts about Bridging operations

Closing with the Enemy : Michael D. Doubler Chapter 6
First Across The Rhine: Col. David Pergrin
Doubler cites the War Department Field Manual 5-6 which defined the U.S. Army's doctrine for river crossings and then shows how things worked in practice.
Pergrin relates his personal experiences as commander of the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion. As can be seen from the times above, most bridging actions are beyond the tactical scope of Battlefront WWII, where the usual battle is limited to 2 or 3 hours duration. However, smaller river crossings are possible, and it is possible to construct a scenario based on small crossings or the completion of the final one or two stands of a large crossing. Pergrin cites a battle over the Vire river and Vire-et-Taute canal in Normandy where a 20 foot infantry bridge was placed in 35 minutes while under enemy fire and a single section of treadway was placed in 20 minutes.

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