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Burning Vehicle Optional Playtest rules

The standard BF rules say that a destroyed vehicle target burns, creating the equivalent of a permanent smoke screen. In scenarios with large numbers of vehicles, this can have a significant effect on visibility. In reality, not all vehicle kills result in flaming wrecks, and this semi-official Burning Vehicle maneuver action allows for different results when a vehicle is destroyed

Basic Ideas

If a vehicle suffers a Knocked-Out result, roll on the table below to see what happens.
Referees should feel free to play with the modifiers.
Burning Vehicle Table
Die rollResult
1-5No Fire
6-7Vehicle Smokes
8+Vehicle Burns
Suggested modifiers to the roll, which can be modified to suit your taste, are listed below. Despite the accepted "wisdom" that the chance to burn depends on fuel type (gasoline vs diesel), an interesting thread in the forum on this subject indicates that ammunition storage might have a greater effect on whether a fire starts to begin with. Fuel would effect the severity of the fire. Referees should feel free to play with the modifiers and research which vehicles are prone to burn.
Burning Vehicle Modifiers
-2 for vehicles destroyed in close combat
-1 for vehicles destroyed by indirect fire
-1 for soft vehicles
-1 small vehicles
+1 for vehicles destroyed by large calibre AP weapons (88mm or over)
+1 for vehicle prone to burn (i.e. Panther)
+2 for Ronsons (i.e. gasoline powered Shermans)
-1 Fire suppression system
-2 Modern Fire suppression system
Results last for the duration of the the game. During the game, the type of KO will effect spotting and nightime illumination. In campaign games (outside the normal scope of BF rules), the chance to salvage the vehicle for later scenarios can depend on how the severity of the result. Here are some suggestions. and
ResultSpotting EffectIlluminationCampaign Salvage (d10)
Vehicle BurnsTreat as smoke (-2)counts as fire1
Vehicle SmokesTreat as dissipating smoke (-1)No Effect1-4
No FireNo effectNo Effect1-8

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