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Battlefront WWII
Suggestions on how to use the cards

We designed our unit cards so that they contain all of the information that you need to use a particular type of unit on the front of the card. However, to save money, we printed them 9 of them on one sheet. We recommend that you do the following:
  1. Using a metal straightedge and a razor knife, carefully cut the unit data cards from their combined sheets.
  2. When you organize a scenario, determine what each player will use and then extract only the data cards used by that player.
  3. Put the cards used by each player in a separate card protector. Each player will then have a sheet that contains only the unit data that he will use. This will reduce the difficulty of finding information considerably.
Incidentally, the above method is much easier to use if you have sufficient card sets so that several players can use the same kind of units. This is the reason that you might wish to purchase extra component sets :-)

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