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Moving Overwatch
Playtest rules

This idea was discussed in a long forum thread where people complained about the "double-tap" that a defending unit gets the first time it fires. Defenders get an ambush fire and then get to follow it up in the next offensive fire phase. To a certain extent this was intentional, as we wanted to give the defender an advantage. Stationary defenders get two shots in a turn (defensive and offensive) while moving attackers get only one (defensive). However, the double-tap may be too much of an advangtage. It was suggested by Mark Middleton and others that we extend the overwatch rules (which in the basic rules require the overwatching unit to remain stationary), to allow units to move one movement action and then go into overwatch, essentially mirroring a short-halt. The effects of these rules have not been determined, and they may give the attacker too much of an advantage. However, feel free to try them out, and modify them as desired.

Basic Rule

Playtest Ideas

While the MO rule dovetails nicely into the sequence of play, it is unclear at this point whether this rule will unbalance the game too much in favor of the attacker, as it upsets the "shoot or move" decision that is now critical to BF games. While modern vehicles with gun stabilization can fire on the move, it may be too much of an advantage for units of the WW2 era. Here are some ideas for modifying the rule that can be used to mitigate that advantage: Try these out and let us know how they work.

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