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Battlefront WWII
Replacing Markers with miniatures

Although we tried to make the game as "cardboard free" as we could, we still use our markers for indicating various game statuses and counters. Jesus Rivero, one of our first loyal fans, sent me this suggestion for how to improve the appearance of your miniature battlefield by replacing some of our cardboard markers with miniature figures and modeling techniques. He also suggests some sources for the miniatures needed to do this:
  1. Suppressed- use Old Glory dead and wounded figures, they have figures standing in various poses that are clearly wounded.
  2. Disordered- Old Glory dead and wounded laying on the ground.
  3. Improving position- Quality Castings carries a line of Russian construction troops that have a couple of figures in the prosses of digging or standing with a shovel. You can also obtain from Quality Castings a blister of equipment which includes shovels and use these to convert a few figures. Once you have your figures, mount them on a square steel base and make a separate stand that is at least 1/8 inch thick with a magnet facing up on top, then put one dot on one of the edges, two on the other and so on. you then mount the steel based figure on this stand with the dots coresponding to the appropriate number of checks facing forward.
  4. Improved position- using cork,plaster,resin,or whatever substance you want, make a U shaped wide enough to go around a movement stand.
  5. Overwatch- an infantry or tank comander figure standing with binoculars.
  6. Emplacing- an artillery crewman on a single stand.
  7. Panic- a figure that looks like he is runnign or giving up on a triangular base.
  8. Bogged down- a metal that gives the appearance of mud, and simply slip it under the affected vehicle.

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