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Onboard Artillery
Optional rules

Onboard Artillery

The standard artillery rules specify that the discipline rating (DR) be added as a modifier to any IDF attack resolution conducted by on-board artillery. This leads to some anomalous situations that are seen primarily when the artillery is conducting a mission that is being called by a different unit. Specifically: To address these anomalies, try out the following optional rules:
  1. Apply the DR rating normally to any IDF attacks from on-board artillery units that are conducting Self Observed fire (p.38).
  2. Apply only NEGATIVE DR ratings to IDF attacks from on-board artillery that are being called by a separate observer.
  3. If units from the same battery have different DR and conduct a battery fire mission, either:
    • Use the worst modifier that applies (see rule 2 above as well - only negative modifiers are used).
    • OR only allow units with the same DR to join in the mission (a 4 mortar battery where one is suppressed would lay 3 templates)
Gamemasters should be aware of the anomalies of onboard artillery and use some of the above options (specify which in the scenario) to address them.

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