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Sneak Maneuver Action
Playtest rules

The semi-official sneak maneuver action allows a unit to move without being considered "moving" for the purposes of spotting. To do so it sacrifices almost all of its movement for the turn.

Basic Ideas

An example of a typical sneak would be infantry units moving up to the edge of an area of sparse cover. They could start deep within the area and then sneak up to the edge. This would make them visible at 5" instead of the normal 10" because the moving modifier would not apply.

Playtest Ideas

While everyone who has tried this rule so far has agreed that it is a good addition to the game system, the exact mechanics of it haven't been fully worked out. Please try it out and see how it works. Here are some ideas that might be tried: As a game referree, feel free to experiment with this rule. We do think that it adds an extra flavor to the game and gives the player more realistic options, especially for infantry and recon units. Please let us know of your ideas so we can recommend them to others.

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