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Battlefront WWII
Units in the Pacific Supplement

A .pdf list of the models we used for the desert/pacific supplements can be found here.
JA-01 Type 94 TK, MG TanketteJA-02 Type 97 Te-Ke, 37mm Light Tank
JA-03 Type 95 Ha-Go, 37mm Light TankJA-04 Type 89 Yi-Go, 57mm Medium Tank
JA-05 Type 97 Chi-Ha, 57mm Medium TankJA-06 Type 97 Shinoto Chi-Ha, 47mm Medium Tank
JA-07 Type 1 Ho-Ni I / Ho-Ni II, 75mm SP Gun / 105mm SP HowitzerJA-08 Type 4 Ho-Ro, 150mm SP Howitzer
JA-09 Type 97 Isuzu, 1.5 ton TruckJA-10 Type 92 Daitai-Ho, 70mm Battalion Gun
JA-11 Type 38, 75mm Improved Field GunJA-12 Type 41 Rentai-Ho, 75mm Mountain Gun
JA-13 Type 94, 37mm Light Antitank GunJA-14 Type 1, 47mm Medium Antitank Gun
JA-15 Type 98, 20mm Light Antiaircraft GunJA-16 Type 88, 75mm Dual Purpose Gun
JA-17 RiflemenJA-18 Paratroopers
JA-19 CommanderJA-20 Forward Observer
JA-21 Type 92, Heavy Machine GunJA-22 Type 93, 13.2mm Heavy Machine Gun
JA-23 Type 97, 20mm Antitank Rifle / Type 99, Antitank MineJA-24 Combat Engineers
JA-25 Type 89, 50mm Grenade DischargerJA-26 Type 97/99 81mm Mortar
JA-27 Type 94/97 90mm MortarJA-28 Horse Limber
JA-29 Mitsubishi Ki-51 Sonia Light Bomber
U.S. Marine Corps
USMC-01 M3A1 Stuart, 37mm Light TankUSMC-02 Satan, Light Flamethrower Tank
USMC-03 M4A2 Sherman, 75mm Medium TankUSMC-04 Ronson, Medium Flamethrower Tank
USMC-05 LVT-1 (modified), AmtrakUSMC-06 LVT(A)-1, 37mm Amtank
USMC-07 LVT-2 Water Buffalo, AmtrakUSMC-08 LVT-3 Bushmaster, Amtrak
USMC-09 LVT-4 Buffalo, AmtrakUSMC-10 LVT(A)-4, 75mm Amtank
USMC-11 M3, 75mm SP Gun, HalftrackUSMC-12 M1A1, 37mm Antitank Gun
USMC-13 M1A1, 75mm Pack HowitzerUSMC-14 Marine Riflemen, D Series
USMC-15 Marine Riflemen, E SeriesUSMC-16 Marine Riflemen, F Series
USMC-17 1st RaidersUSMC-18 2nd Raiders / Raiders 1943
USMC-19 Marine ParatroopersUSMC-20 Marine Commander
USMC-21 BAR, Browning Automatic RifleUSMC-22 Marine Assault Squad
USMC-23 Marine Air Liaison Party / Navy Fire Control PartyUSMC-24 M1919A4 Browning, 30-cal. Light Machine Gun
USMC-25 M1917A1 Browning, 30-cal. Medium Machine GunUSMC-26 M2, 60mm Mortar
USMC-27 M1, 81mm MortarUSMC-28 F4U Corsair, Fighter Bomber
USMC-29 TBM Avenger, Light Bomber
U.S. Army
US-41 LVT(A) Water Buffalo, AmtrakUS-42 Infantry, 1941-42
US-43 P-51A Mustang, Fighter Bomber
AU-01 Matilda II, Infantry TankAU-02 Matilda Frog, Flamethrower Tank
AU-03 2-pdr, Light Antitank GunAU-04 M1A1, 75mm Pack Howitzer
AU-05 InfantryAU-06 Commander
AU-07 Assault PioneersAU-08 Forward Observer
AU-09 ScoutsAU-10 Vickers, 303-cal. Medium Machine Gun
AU-11 2-inch, Light MortarAU-12 3-inch, Medium Mortar
AU-13 PIB, Papuan Infantry Battalion
British 14th Army
14A-01 Valentine III, Infantry Tank14A-02 Stuart I, V, 37mm Light Tank
14A-03 M3 Lee/Grant, 75mm/37mm Medium Tank14A-04 Sherman I, V, 75mm Medium Tank
14A-05 Daimler Dingo, Scout Car14A-06 Daimler I, II, 2-pdr Armoured Car
14A-07 Humber I, II, III, 37mm Armoured Card14A-08 Universal Carrier
14A-09 India patter II, IIA, Wheeled Carrier14A-10 Jeep
14A-11 Morris MWD, 15cwt Truck14A-12 2-pdr, Light Antitank Gun
14A-13 6-pdr, Medium Antitank Gun14A-14 Bofors, 40mm Antiaircraft Gun
14A-15 25-pdr, Field Gun14A-16 3.7-inch Mountain Howitzer
14A-17 Infantry14A-18 Commander
14A-19 Assault Pioneers14A-20 Forward Observer
14A-21 Chindits/Commandos14A-22 Bren, Light Machine Gun
14A-23 Vickers, 303-cal. Medium Machine Gun14A-24 2-inch, Light Mortar
14A-25 3-inch, Medium Mortar14A-26 Hurricane I, IIB, IIC, IID, Fighter Bomber
CH-01 L3/35, TanketteCH-02 PzKpfw IA, Light Tank
CH-03 Vickers E-F, 47mm Light TankCH-04 T-26 M1933, 45mm Light Tank
CH-05 lePzSpw SdKfz 221/222, Light Armored CarCH-06 BA-6, Armored Car
CH-07 37mm Antitank GunCH-08 75mm Infantry Gun
CH-09 InfantryCH-10 Commander
CH-11 Light Machine GunCH-12 Medium Machine Gun
CH-13 Forward ObserverCH-14 60mm Light Mortar
CH-15 82mm Medium MortarCH-16 Antitank Rifle
CH-17 Cavalry
KNIL Netherlands East Indies
KNIL-01 Vickers-Carden Lloyd M36, Light TankKNIL-02 CTLS-4TAC/4TAY, Light Tank
KNIL-03 Marmon-Herrington III, Armored CarKNIL-04 Alvis Straussler AC3D, Scout Car
KNIL-05 M3A1 White, Scout CarKNIL-06 BRAAT, Armored Personnel Carrier
KNIL-07 Vickers, Utility TractorKNIL-08 Luchtdociafweergeschut, Chevy Light Truck
KNIL-09 Bantam GP BlitzbuggyKNIL-10 Harley-Davidson Motorrijders, Motorcycle Troops
KNIL-11 M11 Krupp, 75mm Light Field GunKNIL-12 M22 Bofors, 75mm Mountain Gun
KNIL-13 Boehler Afdeeling Pantser, 47mm Antitank GunKNIL-14 Infanterie, Infantry
KNIL-15 Commandant, CommanderKNIL-16 Forward Observer
KNIL-17 M20 Lichte Mitrailleus, Light Machine GunKNIL-18 M14 Schwarzlose Mitrailleus, Heavy Machine Gun
KNIL-19 Solothurn, 20mm Antitank RifleKNIL-20 M30 Stokes-Brandt Mortieren, 81mm Medium Mortar
Late-war British
BR-49 Churchill III, IV, 6-pdr Infantry TankBR-50 Sherman IIa, 76mm Medium Tank
BR-51 Sherman Ib, 105mm Medium TankBR-52 M3 GMC, 75mm Gun Motor Carriage
BR-53 AEC III, 75mm Armored Car
Pack Mule

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