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Random Morale Table
by Joe Marmilic

Generating random unit quality in Spanish Civil War games

During the Spanish Civil War the quality of fighting troops varied significantly. It is generally accepted that the best of the National forces were the Spanish Foreign Legion, the Moors, and the Condor Legion. Troop quality on the Republican side was more problematic but with time the International Brigades and the "Assaltos" loyal to the Republican cause on the whole proved to be their best troops.

At the beginning of the Civil War militia quality varied enormously not only from unit to unit but also unit quality from day to day. There were a number of reasons for this and commanders could never be sure how good their troops were going to be on a given day.

In order to simulate this the following procedure has been developed to help players maybe better appreciate some of the shortcomings of being a Spanish Civil War commander (not to mention the possibility of being shot by your own side - especially if you were a Republican):

  All early war militias inc. Falangists Regular army*,Italian "Volunteers" and later war militias, Carlists International Brigades, Assaltos Moors Foreign Legion,Condor Legion
* Refers to Spanish regular army units which were supporters of both Republican & Nationalist sides.

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