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BFWW2 Desert Cards
North Africa Card Supplement
The North Africa Card Supplement expands the Battlefront WWII System into the North African Theatre. It provides new cards for the Italians, the Afrika Korps, the British/Commonwealth 8th Army, and some U.S. units that fought in Tunisia. Our North Africa Card Supplement contains 143 unit cards: The unit cards provided in this supplement augment those found in the Battlefront WWII Rules but otherwise are designed as a stand-alone supplement. As such there is some overlap with our other supplements but you don't need to purchase them. The North African campaign can be divided into 3 distinct periods:
  1. The Italians and British struggle for the control of Egypt, Libya, and the Italian colonies to the South of Egypt.
  2. Rommel and the Afrika Korps arrive, and the back and forth struggle rages for almost 2 years over the Western Desert.
  3. The Americans land in Northwest Africa, and the Axis forces are slowly pushed back into Tunisia to their ultimate surrender.
The North African campaign featured considerable evolution in equipment, starting out with early Blitzkrieg-era tanks and guns and ending with a variety of more modern equipment, with the first of the "Big Cats" (the Tiger I) making its appearance in Tunisia near the end. Especially in the Western Desert, it featured daring flanking attacks, desperate armored battles, and a surprisingly chivalrous behavior by all combatants.

Tables of organization and additional information are being provided free on the website here or on our Orders of Battle page.

Italian Desert Cards
IT-01 Carro Veloce L3/35 (MG, 20mm ATR), TanketteIT-19 Trattore Leggero Fiat/SPA TL37, Light Prime Mover
IT-02 Carro Veloce L3/35lf Lanciafiamme, Flamethrower TanketteIT-20 Cannone da 75/27 mod.11, Medium Field Gun
IT-03 Carro Armato L6/40, Light TankIT-21 Cannone da 65/17 mod.13, Infantry Gun
IT-04 Carro Armato M11/39, Medium TankIT-22 Cannone Controcarro 47/32 mod.37 Elefantino, Antitank Gun
IT-05 Carro Armato M13/40, M14/41, Medium TankIT-23 Mitragliera Breda da 20/65 mod.35, Light AA Gun
IT-06 Carro Comando M13/40, Command TankIT-24 Fucilieri, Infantry
IT-07 Semovente L40 da 47/32, Tank DestroyerIT-25 Bersaglieri, Motorized Infantry
IT-08 Semovente L40 da 75/18, Assault GunIT-26 Comandante, Commander
IT-09 Autoblinda AB40/AB41, Armoured CarIT-27 Osservatore d'Artiglieria, Forward Observer
IT-10 Autocannone Lancia 3RO da 90/53, SPAAIT-28 Guastatori, Assault Engineers
IT-11 Autocannone Controcarro, SP AT GunIT-29 Fucile Mitragliatore Breda mod. 30, Light Machine Gun
IT-12 Camionetta Controcarro Fiat-SPA AS42 Sahariana,IT-30 Mitragliatrice Breda mod. 37, Medium Machine Gun
IT-13 Camionetta Controcarro Fiat-SPA AS42 Sahariana (AA), Recon/AAIT-31 Fucile Anticarro s18-1100 Solothurn, Antitank Rifle
IT-14 Mototriciclo, 3-wheeled motorcycleIT-32 Mortaio Brixia mod. 35 da 45mm, Light Mortar
IT-15 Motocicletta, MotorcycleIT-33 Mortaio mod. 35 da 81mm, Medium Mortar
IT-16 Autovettura Fiat 508CM Torpedo Militare, Utility CarIT-34 Paracadutisti Folgore, Paratroopers
IT-17 Autocarro Fiat SPA AS 37, Light TruckIT-35 Fiat CR-42 Falco, Fighter Bomber
IT-18 Autocarro Fiat SPA Dovunque 35, Medium Truck 

German Afrikakorps Desert Cards
DAK-01 PzKpfw I B, Light TankDAK-29 ZgKW 8t SdKfz 7, Heavy Prime Mover
DAK-02 PzKpfw II A,B,C,F 2cm L/55, Light TankDAK-30 Kraftrad, Motorcycle
DAK-03 PzKpfw III F, G 5cm L/42, Medium TankDAK-31 Kübelwagen VW Typ82 Kfz 1, Field Car
DAK-04 PzKpfw III H 5cm L/42, Medium TankDAK-32 Horsch 830 B, Field Car
DAK-05 PzKpfw III J, L 5cm L/60, Medium TankDAK-33 Krupp-Protze LH243 1.5t, Light Truck
DAK-06 PzKpfw III N 7.5cm L/24, Close Support TankDAK-34 Opel Blitz 3t, Medium Truck
DAK-07 PzKpfw IVD 7.5cm L/24, Close Support TankDAK-35 2.8cm sPzB 41, Tapered Bore Antitank Gun
DAK-08 PzKpfw IV E, F(1) 7.5cm L/24, Close Support TankDAK-36 3.7cm PaK 36 L/46.5, Light Antitank Gun
DAK-09 PzKpfw IV F(2) 7.5cm L/43, Medium TankDAK-37 5cm Pak38 L/60, Medium Antitank Gun
DAK-10 PzKpfw IV G, H 7.5cm L/48, Medium TankDAK-38 7.5cm leIG18 L/12, Light Infantry Gun
DAK-11Tiger I PzKpfw VI E 8.8cm L/56, Heavy TankDAK-39 7.5cm LG40, Light Recoilless Gun
DAK-12 PzJäg IB 4.7cm L/43.4 PaK(t), Medium SP Antitank GunDAK-40 7.5cm Pak40 L/46, Medium Antitank Gun
DAK-13 StuG III G 7.5cm L/48, SP Assault GunDAK-41 7.62cm PaK36(r), Medium Antitank Gun
DAK-14 Marder III, PzJäg 38(t) fur 7.62cm PaK36(r), Medium SP Antitank GunDAK-42 15cm sIG33 L/11, Heavy Infantry Gun
DAK-15 Marder III, 7.5cm L/46 auf PzJäg 38(t) H, Medium SP Antitank GunDAK-43 2cm Flak38 L/112, Light Antiaircraft Gun
DAK-16 7.62 FK(r) auf gp. Selbstfahrlafette (SdKfz 6/3), Medium SP Antitank GunDAK-44 8.8cm FlaK 36 L/56. Dual Purpose Antiaircraft Gun
DAK-17 15cm SIG33 B Selbstfahlafette, SP Heavy Infantry GunDAK-45 10.5cm leFH 18, Field Howitzer
DAK-18 grPzBefWg III (H), Command TankDAK-46 Infanterie, Infantry
DAK-19 SPW SdKfz 251/1, 251/10, Armoured Personnel CarrierDAK-47 Kommandeur, Commander
DAK-20 leSPW SdKfz 250/1, 250/10, Light Armoured Personnel CarrierDAK-48 Pioniere, Combat Engineers
DAK-21 lePzSpw SdKfz 221/223, Light Armoured CarDAK-49 Fallschirmjäger, Paratroopers
DAK-22 sPzSpw SdKfz 222 2cm L/55, Light Armoured CarDAK-50 Vorgeschobene Beobachter, Forward Observers
DAK-23 sPzSpw SdKfz 231 2cm L/55, Heavy Armoured CarDAK-51 leMG34/42, Light Machine Gun
DAK-24 sPzSpw SdKfz 233 7.5cm L/24, Heavy Close Support Armoured CarDAK-52 sMG34/42, Heavy Machine Gun
DAK-25 ZgKW 1t SdKfz 10/4 2cm Flak L/112, SP AA GunDAK-53 5cm leGrW 36, Light Mortar
DAK-26 SdKfz 2 Kettenkraftrad
Kleines Kettenkraftrad , Small Halftrack
DAK-54 8cm sGrW 34, Medium Mortar
DAK-27 ZgKW 1t SdKfz 10, Light Prime MoverDAK-55 JU-87 B, D Stuka, Dive Bomber
DAK-28 ZgKW 3t SdKfz 11, Medium Prime Mover 

British/Commonwealth 8th Army Desert Cards
8A-01 Vickers VI B, C Light Tank8A-25 Wheeled Carrier India Patter II / IIA
8A-02 Honey, Stuart I/II/III 37mm Light Tank8A-26 Ford 8cwt 4x4
8A-03 A9 Cruiser I / ICS Cruiser Tank8A-27 Morris MWD 15cwt Truck
8A-04 A10 Cruiser II / IICS Cruiser Tank8A-28 Bedford QL 3-ton Lorry
8A-05 A13 Cruiser IV / IVCS Cruiser Tank8A-29 Morris C8 Quad Field Artillery Tractor
8A-06 Crusader I / II / ICS / IICS Cruiser Tank8A-30 2-pdr./37mm Bofors Portee
8A-07 Crusader III Cruiser Tank8A-31 6-pdr. Portee
8A-08 Matilda II / IICS /IIICS Infantry Tank8A-32 LRDG Chevy Truck
8A-09 Valentine III Infantry Tank8A-33 2-pdr. Antitank Gun
8A-10 Valentine IX Infantry Tank8A-34 37mm Bofors Antitank Gun
8A-11 Churchill II / III Infantry Tank8A-35 6-pdr. QF Antitank Gun
8A-12 M3 Grant 75mm/37mm Med. Tank8A-36 25-pdr. Field Gun
8A-13 Sherman II 75mm Medium Tank8A-37 40mm Bofors Antiaircraft Gun
8A-14 Bishop Valentine 25-pdr. Gun I8A-38 17/25-pder. II Antitank Gun Pheasant
8A-15 Scout Carrier8A-39 Infantry
8A-16 Universal Carrier8A-40 Commander
8A-17 Daimler Dingo Scout Car8A-41 Assault Pioneers
8A-18 Rolls-Royce 1924 Pattern Armoured Car8A-42 Forward Observer
8A-19 Morris CS9 LAC8A-43 Bren Light Machine Gun
8A-20 Marmon Herrington II/III Armoured Car8A-44 Vickers Med. Machine Gun
8A-21 Marmon Herrington Gun Carrier8A-45 2-inch Mortar VII/VIII
8A-22 Humber I / II / III Armoured Car8A-46 3-inch Mortar IV
8A-23 Daimler I Armoured Car8A-47 Hurricane II B, C, D
8A-24 AEC I / II Armoured Car 

U.S. Early War Tunisia Cards
US-36 M3 Grant Medium TankUS-39 T28 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage, AA Vehicle
US-37 M3A1 White Armored Scout CarUS-40 M3 75mm Motor Gun Carriage, Halftrack Tank Destroyer
US-38 T-30 75mm Motor Gun Carriage, SP HowitzerUS-41 M3 37mm Antitank Gun

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