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BFWW2 Late War Cards
Late War Card Supplement
The Late War Supplement expands the Battlefront WWII Rules by adding the other major combatant of this period, the British. Our Late-war Card Supplement contains 107 unit cards.

The British. The British were in the war against the Germans from the beginning, and by the 1943-1945 period they fielded a variety of equipment, both of their own manufacture and also provided by their U.S. allies. The countries belonging to the British Commonwealth were usually organized along similar lines to the British, and this supplement allows you to add theseforces to your battles. Also found in this supplement are a variety of late-war units that fill out the some of the less common unit types used in the 1943- 1945 period.

Tables of organization and additional information are being provided free on the website here or on our Orders of Battle page.

Late War British Cards
BR-01 Stuart V/VI 37mm Light TankBR-31 Universal Carrier
BR-02 Stuart VII Recce VehicleBR-32 Lloyd Carrier
BR-03 Sherman V 75mm TankBR-33 Wasp Flamethower Carrier
BR-04 Sherman Vc Firefly 17-pdr. TankBR-34 M5/M9 Armoured Personnel Carrier
BR-05 Cromwell IV 75mm Cruiser TankBR-35 M3A1 White Armoured Scout Car
BR-06 Cromwell V 95mm Close Support TankBR-36 Daimler Dingo Scout Car
BR-07 Cromwell VII 75mm Cruiser TankBR-37 Daimler I/II 2-pdr. Armoured Car
BR-08 Cromwell VIII 95mm Close Support TankBR-38 Humber I/II Scout Car
BR-09 Churchill V 95mm Close Support TankBR-39 Humber IV 37mm Armoured Car
BR-10 Churchill VI 75mm Infantry TankBR-40 Staghound II 37mm Armoured Car
BR-11 Churchill VII 75mm Infantry TankBR-41 AEC II Armoured Car
BR-12 Churchill VIII 95mm Close Support TankBR-42 Jeep
BR-13 Churchill AVRE 290mm TankBR-43 Morris MWD 15cwt Truck
BR-14 Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower/75mm TankBR-44 Bedford QL 3-ton Lorry
BR-15 M10 Wolverine 3-in. Tank DestroyerBR-45 Morris C8 Quad Field Artillery Tractor
BR-16 M1- Achilles 17-pdr. Tank DestroyerBR-46 6-pdr. QF Antitank Gun
BR-17 Archer 17-pdr. Tank DestroyerBR-47 17-pdr. QF Antitank Gun
BR-18 Challenger 17-pdr. Cruiser TankBR-48 40mm Bofors Antiaircraft Gun
BR-19 Comet 77mm Cruiser TankBR-49 Infantry
BR-20 Crusader AA II/III 20mm Antiaircraft TankBR-50 Commander
BR-21 Crusader AA I 40mm Antiaircraft TankBR-51 Assault Pioneers
BR-22 Tetrarch VIII 3-inch Close Support TankBR-52 Forward Observer
BR-23 Tetrarch VII 2-pdr. Airborne TankBR-53 Bren Light Machine Gun
BR-24 Centaur IV 95mm Assault TankBR-54 Vickers Med. Machine Gun
BR-25 M22 Locust 37mm Airborne TankBR-55 2-inch Mortar VII/VIII
BR-26 Sexton 25-pdr Self-propelled HowitzerBR-56 3-inch Mortar IV
BR-27 Unfrocked Priest Armoured Personnel CarrierBR-57 Parachute/Airlanding Infantry
BR-28 Ram Kangaroo Armoured Personnel CarrierBR-58 Commando Infantry
BR-29 LVT-4 Buffalo Armd. Amphibious CarrierBR-59 M1A1 75mm Airbourne Pack Howitzer
BR-30 Sherman Observation Post TankBR-60 Typhoon

More U.S. Late War Units
US-27 M24 Chaffee 75mm Reconnaissance TankUS-32 M12 King Kong 155mm Self-propelled Howitzer
US-28 M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo 75mm Heavy TankUS-33 Parachute Infantry
US-29 M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight 76mm Medium TankUS-34 .50-cal Heavy Machine Gun
US-30 M26 Pershing 90mm Heavy TankUS-35 M1A1 75mm Airborne Pack Howitzer
US-31 M36 Jackson 90mm Tank Destroyer 

More Russian Late War and Lend-Lease Units
RU-30 Tyazhel'l Samokhodnoe Pushka (ISU-122)RU-39 Legkii Samokhodnoe Orudne (SU-76i)
RU-31 Srednii Samokhodnoe Pushka (SU-100)RU-40 Bronetransporter
Lend Lease M3 Armored Personnel Carrier)
RU-32 Ognemetnyl Tank OT-34 Flamethrower TankRU-41 Legkii Bronetransporter
(Lend Lease Universal Carrier)
RU-33 Legkii Tank Mk IV
(Lend Lease Valentine IX)
RU-42 Studibakker
(Lend Lease 2 1/2 Ton Truck)
RU-34 Tyazhel'l Tank Mk IV
(Lend Lease Churchill IV)
RU-43 Motosikel M-72 Motorcycle
RU-35 Srednii Tank M3M
(Lend Lease M3 Lee/Grant)
RU-44 Polevaya Pushka BS-3 100mm Field Cannon
RU-36 Srednii Tank M4
(Lend Lease M4 Sherman)
RU-45 Vozdushno Desantnaya Pekhota Airborne Infantry
RU-37 Legkii Tank M3L
(Lend Lease M3 Stuart)
RU-46 Rodnyi Minomet Obr. 41 50mm Company Mortar
RU-38 Legkii Samokhodnoe Orudne (SU-57) 

More German Late War Units
GE-54 Jagdtiger PzJäger VIbGE-62 SPW Sdkfz 251/16 Flamethrower Halftrack
GE-55 StuPz IV BrummbärGE-63 Marder III PzJäg 38(t)
GE-56 Flamm Panzer IIIGE-64 Raupenschlepper Ost Tracked Truck
GE-57 OstwindGE-65 8.8cm Pak43 L/71 Antitank Gun
GE-58 WespeGE-66 Leichtgeshütze 10.5cm LG43 Recoiless Gun
GE-59 ZgKW 8t Sdkfz 7/2 3.7cm FlakGE-67 Fallschirmjäger
GE-60 sPzSpw Sdkfz 234/3 7.5cm L/24 Armored CarGE-68 Henschel Hs-129B Ground Attack Aircraft
GE-61 sPzSpw Sdkfz 234/4 7.5cm L/46 Armored Car 

Replacement and Correction Cards
RU-03.1 Srednii Tank T34-85 GE-07.1 Marder II
RU-08.1 Srednii Samokhodnoe Gaubitsa (SU-122)GE-10.1 Jagdpanzer IV L/70
US-18.1 InfantryGE-12.1 Elefant (Late war)

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