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German Units/U.S. Units/Russian Units
Unit ID Name Description Years
German Units Table of Contents
GE-01PzKpfw III L,M 5cm L/60Medium Tank42-43
GE-02PzKpfw III N 7.5cm L/24Close Support Tank43-45
GE-03PzKpfw IV G, H 7.5cm L/48Medium Tank43-45
GE-04Panther PzKpfw V 7.5cm L/70Medium-Heavy Tank43-45
GE-05Tiger PzKpfw VI E 8.8cm L/56Heavy Tank42-45
GE-06Königstiger PzKpfw VI B 8.8cm L/71Heavy Tank44-45
GE-07Marder III 7.5 cm L/46 auf PzJäg 38(t)Medium SP Anti-tank Gun42-45
GE-08Hetzer PzJäg 38(t) 7.5cm L/48Medium Tank Destroyer44-45
GE-09Nashorn 8.8cm L/71 auf Gw III/IVHeavy SP Anti-tank Gun43-45
GE-10Jägdpanzer IV 7.5cm L/48 or L/70Medium Tank Destroyer44-45
GE-11Jägdpanther PzJäg V 8.8cm L/71Heavy Tank Destroyer44-45
GE-12Ferdinand, Elefant PzJäg V Tiger(P) 8.8cm L/71Heavy Tank Destroyer43-45
GE-13StuG III Ausf G 7.5cm L/48SP Assault Gun43-45
GE-14StuH 42 10.5cm L/28 auf StuG IIISP Assault Howitzer43-45
GE-15Grille siG 33 15cm L/12 auf Gw 38(t)SP Heavy Infantry Gun43-45
GE-16Wirbelwind FlakPz IV 2cm Flakvierling38 L/112Quad Antiaircraft Tank44-45
GE-17Möbelwagen FlakPz IV 3.7cm Flak36 L/98SP Anti-aircraft Gun44-45
GE-18FlakPz 38(t) 2cm Flak L/112SP Anti-aircraft Gun44
GE-19ZgKW 1t Sdkfz 10/4 2cm Flak L/112SP Anti-aircraft Gun39-45
GE-20PzBeobWg IIIForward Observer Tank43-45
GE-21SPW Sdkfz 251/1Armored Personnel Carrier39-45
GE-22SPW Sdkfz 251/10 3.7cm L/45Platoon Leader Halftrack39-44
GE-23GrWW Sdkfz 251/2 8cm sGrW34Armored Mortar Carrier40-45
GE-24Stummel SPW Sdkfz 251/9 7.5cm L/24Armored Close Support Vehicle42-45
GE-25SPW Sdkfz 251/17 2cm Flak L/112Armored Anti-aircraft Vehicle44-45
GE-26leSPW Sdkfz 250/1Light Armored Personnel Carrier42-45
GE-27Stummel leSPW Sdkfz 250/8 7.5cm L/24Light Armored Close Support Vehicle43-45
GE-28PzSpw SdKfz 250/9 2cm L/55Armored Car43-45
GE-29ZgKW 1t Sdkfz 10Light Prime Mover39-45
GE-30ZgKW 3t SdKfz 11Medium Prime Mover39-45
GE-31ZgKW 8t SdKfz 7Heavy Prime Mover39-45
GE-32sPzSpw SdKfz 234/1 2cm L/55Heavy Armored Car44-45
GE-33Puma SPzSpw SdKfz 234/2 5cm L/60Heavy Armored Car44-45
GE-34Kübelwagen VW Typ82 Kfz 1Field Car39-45
GE-35Krupp-Protze LH243 1.5tLight Truck39-45
GE-36Opel Blitz 3tMedium Truck39-45
GE-37GefechtstrossHorse-drawn Transport39-45
GE-387.5cm IelG37 L/12Light Infantry Gun39-45
GE-3915cm sIG33 L/11Heavy Infantry Gun39-45
GE-405cm Pak38 L/60Medium Anti-Tank Gun42-45
GE-417.5cm PaK40 L/48Medium Anti-tank Gun43-45
GE-428.8cm Flak41Anti-aircraft Gun43-45
GE-432cm Flak38 L/112Light Anti-aircraft Gun39-45
GE-47PioniereCombat Engineers39-45
GE-48Vorgeschobene BeobachterForward Observer39-45
GE-49leichte MaschinengewehrLight Machinegun39-45
GE-50schweres MaschinengewehrHeavy Machinegun41-45
GE-51PanzerschreckAnti-tank Rocket Launcher44-45
GE-528cm sGrW 34Medium Mortar43-45
GE-53JU-87D/G1 StukaDive Bomber39-43
U.S. Units Table of Contents
US-01M5 Stuart 37mmLight Tank42-45
US-02M4 Sherman 75mm or 76mmMedium Tank42-45
US-03M10 Wolverine 3-in.Tank Destroyer42-45
US-04M18 Hellcat 76mmTank Destroyer44-45
US-05M8 Scott 75mmSelf-propelled Howitzer43-45
US-06M7 Priest 105mmSelf-propelled Howitzer43-45
US-07M4 Sherman 105mmSelf-Propelled Howitzer44-45
US-08M3 HalftrackArmored Personnel Carrier42-45
US-09M4 Halftrack 81mmHalftrack Mortar Carrier42-45
US-10M16 Multiple Gun Motor CarriageAnti-aircraft Halftrack42-45
US-11M8 Greyhound 37mmArmored Car43-45
US-12M20 Armored Utility CarArmored Car43-45
US-13JeepField Car42-45
US-143/4-Ton or 1 1/2 -Ton Light TruckTruck42-45
US-152 1/2-Ton Medium TruckTruck42-45
US-16M5 3-in.Antitank Gun43-45
US-17M1 57mmAntitank Gun43-45
US-18Infantry 42-45
US-19Commander 42-45
US-20Combat Engineers 42-45
US-21Forward Observer 42-45
US-22M1919 30-cal. LMGLight Machinegun42-45
US-23M1917 Browning 30-cal. MMGMedium Machinegun42-45
US-24M2 60mm MortarLight Mortar42-45
US-25M1 81mm MortarMedium Mortar42-45
US-26P-47D ThunderboltFighter-Bomber43-45
Russian Units Table of Contents
RU-01Legkii Tank T-7045mm Light Tank42-45
RU-02Srednii Tank T-34-7676.2mm Medium Tank43-45
RU-03Srednii Tank T-34-8585mm Medium Tank44-45
RU-04Tyazhel'i Tank KV-176.2mm Heavy Tank43-45
RU-05Tyazhel'i Tank IS-2122mm Heavy Tank44-45
RU-06Legkii Samokhodnoe Orudne (SU-76)76.2mm Light SP Gun43-45
RU-07Srednii Samokhodnoe Orudne (SU-85)85mm Medium SP Gun44-45
RU-08Srednee Samokhodnoe Orudne (SU-122)122mm Med. SP Howitzer43-45
RU-09Tyazhel'I Samokhodnoe Pushka-Gaubitsa (ISU-152)152mm Heavy SP Gun44-45
RU-10Legkii Broneavtomobil BA64BLight Armored Car42-45
RU-11Legkii BronetransporterM3A1 White Scout Car42-45
RU-12Pokovay Gaubitsa obr. 192776.2 Regimental Howitzer39-45
RU-13Protivotankovaya Pushka obr. 194245mm Anti-tank Gun42-45
RU-14Protivotankovaya Pushka ZIS-257mm Anti-tank Gun43-45
RU-15Divizionnaya Pushka ZIS-376.2mm Divisional Cannon43-45
RU-16Legkii Zenitnaya Pushka obr. 193937mm Anti-aircraft Gun39-45
RU-17Streloknoe VoiskaRifle Infantry39-45
RU-20SaperiCombat Engineers39-45
RU-22Artilleriiskii Nablyudatel'Forward Observer39-45
RU-23Protivotankovoe Ruzh'e (PTRD)Anti-tank Rifle39-45
RU-24Puchnoi Pulemet DPLight Machinegun39-45
RU-25Stankovyi Pulemet MTMedium Machinegun39-45
RU-26Krupnokalibernyi Pulemet DShKHeavy Anti-aircraft Machinegun39-45
RU-27Potavoe Minomet82mm Mortar39-45
RU-28Artilleriskaya peredokHorse-drawn Limber39-45
RU-29Il-2m3 SturmovikGround Attack Bomber42-45

Table of Contents

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