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Regimental Fire and Fury Official Errata
As of:2018-05-11

Page Rules Section Problem Description Fix
It is unclear what type of weapons are carried by the cavalryBC is a typo and should read BL for Breechloader. MI is for Mounted Infantry. This type of cavalry cannot charge with cold steel when mounted. They are armed with RMs that have bayonets, so they may only charge with cold steel when dismounted. CS is for Cold steel. This type of cavalry may only charge with cold steel when mounted. They are armed with BLs without bayonets, so they cannot charge with cold steel when dismounted.
1Scenario/Little Round Top
In the Little Round top scenario, the Union OB lists Chamberlain as Chamberland and the 20ME as 20MA. Evidently, this leader and unit were so famous that none of the proofreaders looked at them. 20MA should be 20ME. Chamberland should be Chamberlain. A corrected .pdf version of the Union Order of Battle can be downloaded from
9Scenario/Book 2
Second Scenario book: Ft . Donelson Breakout Scenario Errata If you are playing the basic scenario, it lists Cruft's Union Brigade entering at points F and G, but G is a wrong location. The leader and all units enter at F. The text in item 5 on page 9 should read as follows: 5) Cruft's Brigade continues to enter on turn 10 at F: 17th Kentucky, followed by the 31st Indiana, both in field column.
28Rule/Field Column
It is unclear what happens when a field column of 11+ stands is reduced by casualties to less 10 or less stands.When a unit in field column with 11 or more stands suffers losses from combat that reduce its strength to 10 or fewer stands, the frontage of the field column is reduced to two stands wide.
49Rule/Fire Points
The rules do not explain what to do with fractional fire points.Total all fire points using fractions. At the end of the process, round the total combined fire points down to the nearest whole number value.
55Rule/checked charge
It is unclear what happens when a cavalry countercharge is checked Richard provided some extra clarification on what happens in a complicated charge situation.
85Scenario/Stones River
Woodruff's B Sec/8 WI artillery is listed as "Vet Half LS" - what does this mean?Normally a gun stand in RFF represents 2 guns. In this case this stand only represents 1 gun. It shoots at 1/2 the normal fire points of an LS, and is destroyed if it suffers a damaged result.

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