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Regimental Fire and Fury Scenarios

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The RFF scenario book 2 addendum containing extended scenarios and supporting materials may be downloaded free using this link (.pdf 6Mbytes)
Scenarios available for download
Scenario Name Description Time Period Author
Date Modified
American Civil War Table of Contents
The RFF scenario book 2 addendum containing extended scenarios and supporting materials may be downloaded free using this link (.pdf 6Mbytes)
Mill Springs
  1. Scenario with Historical Commentary (.pdf-1.4Mbyte)
  2. Unit Labels (.xls)
  3. Unit Labels (.pdf)
A small, but critical, battle in Kentucky early in the war.
This scenario was first published in Charge!.
19JAN1862 Lowell Hamilton
Pea Ridge, 2nd Day (.pdf-2Mbyte) This is the scenario referred to in the RFF scenario book. 8MAR1862 Fire and Fury
  1. Unit Labels (.pdf)
  2. Unit Labels (.xlsx)
  3. Order of Battle (.docx)
The first major clash in the West. This is a work in progress and does not yet include the scenario writeup and map. Jon wanted to get his orders of battle and labels out for review. He promises to work up the full scenario later. 6-7APR1862 Jon Fleckal
Morning Battle at Fox's Gap
  1. Scenario with Historical Commentary (.pdf 640k)
  2. Map (.pdf 776K)
  3. Unit Labels (.pdf 68K)
This small battle that was a precursor to Antietam/Sharpsburg. Confederate units attempt to delay the leading units of McClellan's army. 14SEP1862 Mark Stricker
Port Republic "What if" scenario (.pdf 750k) The Battle of Port Republic scenario was firstpublished in the Regimental Fire and FuryScenario Book, Volume 1, in 2012. The scenario was presented as a historicalbattle, however, history is not the best venue for a fair fight. At Port Republic, the slow but inevitable build up of Confederate reinforcements will eventuallyturn the tide of battle, and end in defeat for the outnumbered Union forces. This "what if" version of the battle introduces an alternative to balancing the scenario, by veering further away from history, and allowing the unlikely possibility of General Shields marching to the sound of the guns and reuniting his division on the battlefield. 9JUNE1862 Rich Hasenauer and Lowell Hamilton
Peach Orchard - Gettysburg (2nd Day)
  1. Scenario (.pdf 125k)
  2. Union Orbat (Birney) (.pdf 80K)
  3. Confederate Orbat (McLaws) (.pdf 68K)
The first day of the battle of Gettysburg was a Confederate victory, but they did not follow through, and the Union army consolidated its defensive position along a the ridges behind the town in a position roughly the shape of a fishhook. Union reinforcements rushed to the battle, among them General Sickles' III Corps, which was told to defend the Southern end of Cemetary Ridge, the "shaft" of the fishhook. For some reason, Sickles did not like this position and advanced his Corps on his own initiative without informing the Union high command. This created a salient, which the Confederates fell upon in a ferocious attack. This scenario creates part of this attack, centering on the Peach Orchard, a prominent terrain feature in the center of Sickles' line. 2JULY1863 Duke Winser
Peach Orchard - Sickles' Folly Gettysburg (2nd Day)
  1. Scenario (.pdf 166k)
  2. Union Labels (.pdf 7K)
  3. Union Labels (.xls 20K)
  4. Confederate Labels (.pdf 7K)
  5. Confederate Labels (.pdf 20K)
Another look at the Peach Orchard by Steve Tinsley. 2JULY1863 Steve Tinsley
Trevilian Station (1.5M) Cavalry Action in Central Virginia. This is a conversion of a Johnny Reb scenario. 11JUN1864 Steve Hojnacki
Rutherford's Farm A battle in the Shenandoah Valley, where elements of the Union Army of West Virginia clash with Confederates of the Army of the Valley District. This is a conversion of a Johnny Reb scenario first published in Charge!, and includes a rather simple and elegant way of handling hidden movement.
Lowell Hamilton gave us some unit labels for this scenario (MS-Excel):
Unit Labels for Rutherford's Farm
20JULY1864 Tom Ballou
Honey Hill
  1. Historical Commentary (.pdf-1.8Mbyte)
  2. Scenario (.pdf)
  3. Map (.jpg) (right click and save locally)
  4. Unit Labels (.xls)
  5. Unit Labels (.pdf)
The Confederates defend the Savannah and Charleston railroad in November 1864. This scenario was first published in Charge!. 30NOV1864 Lowell Hamilton
Lewis's Farm (.pdf-810K) The Battle of Lewis's Farm was a one-day battle of the American Civil War in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. It was the opening of the Appomattox Campaign in which Robert E. Lee's army was dislodged from their besieged lines around Petersburg, Virginia, and began a retreat that would lead them to surrender at Appomattox Court House. This scenario was first published in Charge!. 29MAR1865 Chuck Hamack
War of the Triple Alliance Table of Contents
Yatay A column of the Paraguayan Army under major Pedro Duarte is attacked by forces of the Triple Alliance commanded by Uruguay's president Venancio Flores. Brazil 17AUG1865 Brian Bradford, Rich Hasenauer
Liberator Wars Table of Contents
Battle of San Fernando In this scenario, based on a hypothetical (wargame) campaign, O'Higgins and Carrerajoin together to fight in defence of Santiago. SEP 1814 Rolf Grein

Other sources for scenarios

Regimental Fire and Fury is similar in organization to the popular Johnny Reb rules, and scenario conversions are fairly simple, involving normalizing ground scale (JR is 40yds/inch) and converting the Johnny Reb figures/stand into RFF bases. A really good source of scenarios is Scott Mingus' Charge! ACW newsletter/ezine.

Submit your own scenarios

We are actively soliciting new scenarios for the game. Share the wealth! To submit a scenario for use on this website, please send us the details of the scenario as follows: When we get a new scenario, we will massage it into files that can be downloaded from this website and include it in the above table. If we find a really good one, we may ask your permission to publish it in an expansion rulebook and work out proper compensation.
You can send scenarios either by groundmail or email. If you have maps to send by email, attach them as .png, .gif, or .jpg. We can also scan in maps.

Free Stuff Policy

This page designed as a center for the free distribution of scenarios. Our payment policy is simple-We don't pay for contributions, but we don't charge for distributing them either! If you send us something for inclusion on the site and we think it is appropriate, we will format it and give you full credit. Also, if we decide to use a contribution in a published supplement, we will work out proper compensation at that time. If you have something that you would like us to include, please let us know if you want us to include your contact information in the page (by default we will use only your name, but we can include an email address or URL if you want us to).

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