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Battlefront WWII
2009 Scenario Competition
Scenario Competition 2 - Not 1944 NW Europe
(arranged chronologically)
Scenario Name Description Time Period Author
Boulogne The Welsh Guards defend the approaches to Boulogne against the lead elements of the Blitzkrieg. This is a small scenario designed for a limited budget. France 1940 Richard de Ferrars and Paddy Green
Maleme As part of Operation Mercury, the invasion of Crete, German paratroops attempt to capture an airfield. Crete 1941 Bill Slavin
Last Charge of the Savoia Italian mounted cavalry attack Russians defending several spread-out objectives. Russia August 1942 Pete Landry
Divine Warriors from the Sky
Japanese Paradrop on Palembang, Sumatra. Pacific Feb 1942 R. Mark Davies
Campo di Carne
Germans attack British troops defending the Anzio bridgehead. 18FEB1944 Italy Paddy Green
Fuller's Last Stand-The Prelude to Sangshak (.pdf) Elements of the 50th Indian Parachute Brigade defend against the Japanese advance. Burma March 1944 R. Mark Davies
Cox's Corner (.pdf) The West African Gold Coast Regiment encounters the Japanese 111th Regiment in a meeting engagement in the Kaladan Valley. Burma March 1944, Kaladan Valley R. Mark Davies
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