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BFWWII Pacific Supplement
143 unit cards.
  • 29 Japanese cards
  • 29 U.S. Marine Corps cards
  • 3 U.S. Army
  • 17 Chinese cards
  • 13 Australian Cards
  • 20 Dutch East Indies Cards
  • 26 XIV Army/Commonwealth Cards
  • 5 New Late War British Cards
  • 1 Generic Card

Battlefront WWII Far East and Pacific Card Supplement

The Battlefront WWII Far East and Pacific Card Supplement expands the Battlefront WWII Rules into the Pacific and China-Burma-India area. Cards are provided for the Japanese, U.S. Marines, Chines, Australians, XIV Army Commonwealth, and Dutch East Indian forces.

The unit cards provided in this supplement augment those found in the Battlefront WWII Rules but otherwise can be used without purchasing other supplements.

Pacific Battles The Pacific war covered a much larger geographic area than the land war in Europe, with battles being fought correspondingly diverse terrain. The cards in this supplement allow you to recreate the battles in the jungles of New Guinea, Burma, the Phillipines, and the tropical islands of the South Pacific, the island assaults in the central Pacific, and the battles in the Chinese and Phillipine countryside.

For a list of the cards in the Pacific supplement, click here.

Tables of organization and additional information are being provided free on the website here.

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