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BFWW2 Pacific Cards
Far East and Pacific War Supplement

The Battlefront WWII Far East and Pacific Card Supplement expands the Battlefront WWII system into the Pacific and China-Burma-India Theater. 143 unit cards are provided for the Japanese, U.S. Marines, Chinese, Australians, XIV Army Commonwealth, and Dutch East Indies forces.

The unit cards provided in this supplement augment those found in the Battlefront WWII Rules but otherwise can be used without purchasing other supplements. In addition, some new U.S. Army and Late-war British cards are included.

The Pacific war covered a much larger geographic area than the land war in Europe, with battles being fought correspondingly diverse terrain. The cards in this supplement allow you to recreate the battles in the jungles of New Guinea, Burma, the Philippines, and the tropical islands of the South Pacific, the island assaults in the central Pacific, and the battles in the Chinese and Philippine countryside.

Tables of organization and additional information are being provided free on the website here or on our Orders of Battle page.

JA-01 Type 94 TK, MG TanketteJA-16 Type 88, 75mm Dual Purpose Gun
JA-02 Type 97 Te-Ke, 37mm Light TankJA-17 Riflemen
JA-03 Type 95 Ha-Go, 37mm Light TankJA-18 Paratroopers
JA-04 Type 89 Yi-Go, 57mm Medium TankJA-19 Commander
JA-05 Type 97 Chi-Ha, 57mm Medium TankJA-20 Forward Observer
JA-06 Type 97 Shinoto Chi-Ha, 47mm Medium TankJA-21 Type 92, Heavy Machine Gun
JA-07 Type 1 Ho-Ni I / Ho-Ni II, 75mm SP Gun / 105mm SP HowitzerJA-22 Type 93, 13.2mm Heavy Machine Gun
JA-08 Type 4 Ho-Ro, 150mm SP HowitzerJA-23 Type 97, 20mm Antitank Rifle / Type 99, Antitank Mine
JA-09 Type 97 Isuzu, 1.5 ton TruckJA-24 Combat Engineers
JA-10 Type 92 Daitai-Ho, 70mm Battalion GunJA-25 Type 89, 50mm Grenade Discharger
JA-11 Type 38, 75mm Improved Field GunJA-26 Type 97/99 81mm Mortar
JA-12 Type 41 Rentai-Ho, 75mm Mountain GunJA-27 Type 94/97 90mm Mortar
JA-13 Type 94, 37mm Light Antitank GunJA-28 Horse Limber
JA-14 Type 1, 47mm Medium Antitank GunJA-29 Mitsubishi Ki-51 Sonia Light Bomber
JA-15 Type 98, 20mm Light Antiaircraft Gun 

U.S. Marine Corps
USMC-01 M3A1 Stuart, 37mm Light TankUSMC-16 Marine Riflemen, F Series
USMC-02 Satan, Light Flamethrower TankUSMC-17 1st Raiders
USMC-03 M4A2 Sherman, 75mm Medium TankUSMC-18 2nd Raiders / Raiders 1943
USMC-04 Ronson, Medium Flamethrower TankUSMC-19 Marine Paratroopers
USMC-05 LVT-1 (modified), AmtrakUSMC-20 Marine Commander
USMC-06 LVT(A)-1, 37mm AmtankUSMC-21 BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle
USMC-07 LVT-2 Water Buffalo, AmtrakUSMC-22 Marine Assault Squad
USMC-08 LVT-3 Bushmaster, AmtrakUSMC-23 Marine Air Liaison Party / Navy Fire Control Party
USMC-09 LVT-4 Buffalo, AmtrakUSMC-24 M1919A4 Browning, 30-cal. Light Machine Gun
USMC-10 LVT(A)-4, 75mm AmtankUSMC-25 M1917A1 Browning, 30-cal. Medium Machine Gun
USMC-11 M3, 75mm SP Gun, HalftrackUSMC-26 M2, 60mm Mortar
USMC-12 M1A1, 37mm Antitank GunUSMC-27 M1, 81mm Mortar
USMC-13 M1A1, 75mm Pack HowitzerUSMC-28 F4U Corsair, Fighter Bomber
USMC-14 Marine Riflemen, D SeriesUSMC-29 TBM Avenger, Light Bomber
USMC-15 Marine Riflemen, E Series 

U.S. Army
US-41 LVT(A) Water Buffalo, AmtrakUS-43 P-51A Mustang, Fighter Bomber
US-42 Infantry, 1941-42 

AU-01 Matilda II, Infantry TankAU-08 Forward Observer
AU-02 Matilda Frog, Flamethrower TankAU-09 Scouts
AU-03 2-pdr, Light Antitank GunAU-10 Vickers, 303-cal. Medium Machine Gun
AU-04 M1A1, 75mm Pack HowitzerAU-11 2-inch, Light Mortar
AU-05 InfantryAU-12 3-inch, Medium Mortar
AU-06 CommanderAU-13 PIB, Papuan Infantry Battalion
AU-07 Assault Pioneers 

British 14th Army
14A-01 Valentine III, Infantry Tank14A-14 Bofors, 40mm Antiaircraft Gun
14A-02 Stuart I, V, 37mm Light Tank14A-15 25-pdr, Field Gun
14A-03 M3 Lee/Grant, 75mm/37mm Medium Tank14A-16 3.7-inch Mountain Howitzer
14A-04 Sherman I, V, 75mm Medium Tank14A-17 Infantry
14A-05 Daimler Dingo, Scout Car14A-18 Commander
14A-06 Daimler I, II, 2-pdr Armoured Car14A-19 Assault Pioneers
14A-07 Humber I, II, III, 37mm Armoured Card14A-20 Forward Observer
14A-08 Universal Carrier14A-21 Chindits/Commandos
14A-09 India patter II, IIA, Wheeled Carrier14A-22 Bren, Light Machine Gun
14A-10 Jeep14A-23 Vickers, 303-cal. Medium Machine Gun
14A-11 Morris MWD, 15cwt Truck14A-24 2-inch, Light Mortar
14A-12 2-pdr, Light Antitank Gun14A-25 3-inch, Medium Mortar
14A-13 6-pdr, Medium Antitank Gun14A-26 Hurricane I, IIB, IIC, IID, Fighter Bomber

CH-01 L3/35, TanketteCH-10 Commander
CH-02 PzKpfw IA, Light TankCH-11 Light Machine Gun
CH-03 Vickers E-F, 47mm Light TankCH-12 Medium Machine Gun
CH-04 T-26 M1933, 45mm Light TankCH-13 Forward Observer
CH-05 lePzSpw SdKfz 221/222, Light Armored CarCH-14 60mm Light Mortar
CH-06 BA-6, Armored CarCH-15 82mm Medium Mortar
CH-07 37mm Antitank GunCH-16 Antitank Rifle
CH-08 75mm Infantry GunCH-17 Cavalry
CH-09 Infantry 

KNIL Netherlands East Indies
KNIL-01 Vickers-Carden Lloyd M36, Light TankKNIL-11 M11 Krupp, 75mm Light Field Gun
KNIL-02 CTLS-4TAC/4TAY, Light TankKNIL-12 M22 Bofors, 75mm Mountain Gun
KNIL-03 Marmon-Herrington III, Armored CarKNIL-13 Boehler Afdeeling Pantser, 47mm Antitank Gun
KNIL-04 Alvis Straussler AC3D, Scout CarKNIL-14 Infanterie, Infantry
KNIL-05 M3A1 White, Scout CarKNIL-15 Commandant, Commander
KNIL-06 BRAAT, Armored Personnel CarrierKNIL-16 Forward Observer
KNIL-07 Vickers, Utility TractorKNIL-17 M20 Lichte Mitrailleus, Light Machine Gun
KNIL-08 Luchtdociafweergeschut, Chevy Light TruckKNIL-18 M14 Schwarzlose Mitrailleus, Heavy Machine Gun
KNIL-09 Bantam GP BlitzbuggyKNIL-19 Solothurn, 20mm Antitank Rifle
KNIL-10 Harley-Davidson Motorrijders, Motorcycle TroopsKNIL-20 M30 Stokes-Brandt Mortieren, 81mm Medium Mortar

Late-war British
BR-49 Churchill III, IV, 6-pdr Infantry TankBR-52 M3 GMC, 75mm Gun Motor Carriage
BR-50 Sherman IIa, 76mm Medium TankBR-53 AEC III, 75mm Armored Car
BR-51 Sherman Ib, 105mm Medium Tank 

GN-02 Pack Mule 

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