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Fire and Fury Rulebook

Fire and Fury
The American Civil War in Miniature

This is the original Brigade Level Game color rulebook. We are almost out of these, so we have taken them off the order page. Send us an email to see if we have any left. The few that are left will have one or more flaws which prevented them from being distributed when the game was first published.

The most common flaws are:
  1. The cover or interior pictures are too dark
  2. The page trim is off
  3. There is a brown ink smudge (usually on the title page and on page 6)
  4. The spine may be cracked or split
  5. There is a scratch, streak or crease on the cover
We do not have the F&F fire templates and tables/charts so they will not be included with the rulebook. However, you can download the original charts and fire template as a .pdf file from the site and print them for your own use, so this should not be a problem.

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