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American Revolution
American Revolution QRS (Version 2.1D - 22AUG2015)
AWI Changes (.pdf)
AWI 6mm QRS (.pdf)
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Links of Interest
REVWAR75 Excellent source for locating primary documents in repositories and on the web.
American Revolution A new website with a nice overview of the war, including a list of battles that includes some basic information on each.
Loyalist Institute THE website for the study of loyalist units of the war.
Banastre Tarleton "Without wealth, without title, without political friends, but on valor alone, in four years he had risen from obscurity to envied rank. Both Sir William Howe and Sir Henry Clinton had been attracted by his elegant manners and his ready speech; but his undenied courage, his daring leadership, and his intuitive grasp of cavalry tactics endeared him both to Sir William Erskine and to Lord Cornwallis." -- Robert D. Bass; The Green Drag
Website dedicated to one of the more colorfull characters of the war.
Scholar's Showcase Essays and online books on the war.
WPI Military Science ROTC Staff Ride website. Good map of Monmouth
Loyalist Regiments History and index to loyalist units.
AWI Links Huge number links to RevWar websites
Center for Military History, AWI Center of Military History website with excellent material on the Continental Army
AWI Spies and Traitors A site devoted to espionage in the AWI.
Gettysburg Flag Works AWI Page This page has lots of good links to various resources about the AWI and late 18th century topics.
Boston Tea Party and the Start of the American Revolution This is a local resource page hosted by Home Adivsor. It contains not only a quick overview of the Tea Party, but also an extensive link section pointing to other AWI topics. Our thanks to Matt, a young history student who provided us with this link.

Mark Hayes' Brandywine Orders of Battle

Continentals:Zipped MS_WORD.pdf
British: Zipped MS_WORD.pdf
British: Map(.jpg) 380k Map (.pdf) 1.8Mbyte (Big!)
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