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Regimental Fire and Fury Forum The place to ask questions and discuss RFF
Regimental Fire and Fury Variant Forum The place to ask questions and discuss the use of RFF in other periods and figure scales.
Brigade Fire and Fury Forum The place to ask questions and discuss the Fire and Fury Brigade Level Rules
QRS Version 2.1 and related rule changes and additions.
Last Update: 06MAY2014
Rules Changes and Additions(.pdf 1.3M)
QRS 15mm (.pdf)
QRS 6mm (.pdf)
QRS 25mm (.pdf)
QRS 2.0 en Français (.pdf 347kb Legal)
These modifications are only experimental game mechanics for playtest, and do not constitute official errata to the published rules. They are simply to have some fun with new ideas that could lead to incremental improvements in the game design. Future updates to the rules and QRS will be posted as needed and announced on the forum. Version 2.1 currently supports the American Civil War period in 15mm, however, a separate QRS can be prepared and posted for other figure scales and variants for other wars, upon request. The modifications to the QRS also require related changes and additions to the basic rules.
During the RFF rules development, we also playtested several variants covering warfare over nearly three centuries known as the "black powder" era. Variants adapted to QRS version 2.1 will be posted here upon request. QRS 2.1 currently supports the American War of Independence in 15mm and 25mm, The War of 1812 in 15mm, and the Mexican-American war in 15mm.
Olustee order of battle. Zipped Microsoft Powerpoint These are the orders of battle from a game Mark Hayes ran at Fall In 2005, which is part of the original RFF rules booklet. The .ppt file can be used as a template to build your own orders of battle. Send us copies and we will post them here.
Corrected Union OB for Little Round Top .pdf Oops. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the 20ME were both wrong in the book. They were so famous that nobody looked at them. The .pdf corrects this embarassing error.
Consolidated Fire & Fury Templates for both RFF and BFF Wheel, Oblique, Arc of Fire (.pdf 2.5M)
Fire & Fury 25-28mm Wheel Template for both RFF and BFF (.pdf) This wheel template is designed for 25-28mm figures mounted on 40mm wide stands. You can use the same template for stands with slightly larger or smaller frontages. To measure the distance and angle the unit wheeled, count the increments of the furthest turning radius overlapped by the outside flank stand.
Regimental Fire & Fury Generic Unit Labels (zipped MS-Powerpoint)  
Regimental Fire & Fury
Rules for Forming Squares (.pdf)
Modified 16FEB2011 (V.3)
Some playtest rules for forming squares in RFF. These will be especially useful for periods before the ACW.
Regimental Fire & Fury
Rules Explaining Checked Charges for Cavalry (.pdf)
Modified 14FEB2011
Some extra rules clarifying what happens when a cavalry charge is checked.
Regimental Fire & Fury ACW QRS 15mm QRS Legal(.pdf)
25mm QRS Legal(.pdf)
25mm QRS Letter/Landscape(.pdf)
25mm QRS Legal Metric(.pdf)
6mm QRS Legal(.pdf)
6mm QRS Letter/Landscape(.pdf)
RFF Labels in MS Excel These were developed by Lowell Hamilton for his Honey Hill scenario, but you can download them and modify them for your games.
Original (Brigade Level) Fire and Fury Quick Reference Charts and Fire Templates .pdf From our first game.
Todd Fisher's ACW Leader Stats (.pdf 3.5Mbyte) This is a comprehensive list of ACW leaders with an estimate of their leadership and competence. It was compiled by Todd Fisher and appeared in the Zouave Magazine (Volume V, Number 2, Summer 1991). It is used with kind permission from Ivor Janci.
Scenario Generation from the Zouave (.pdf 6.8Mbyte) This is a series of articles from the Zouave published in the late 1980's and early 1990s. Several articles by Brian Scherzer, Anthony De Lyall, George Arnold, and Mark Piper focus on scenario generation. Although developed for other rules systems, these ideas can be fairly easily translated for use in RFF. These are used with kind permission from Ivor Janci. Note the size of the download. It is best to store it locally.
Converting Johnny Reb Scenarios to RFF (.pdf 1.5Mbyte) Lowell Hamilton gives some pointers on converting scenarios from the other popular regimental ruleset.
Scenario Generation Point System (.pdf 1.5Mbyte) Mike St. Peter developed this and first published it in Charge!, and we now have permission to use it.
A map for the Sunken Lane at Antietam (.pdf .5Mbyte)
Unit Labels for the Sunken Lane at Antietam (.ppt)
Note that there is no scenario to go with these yet, but feel free to use them.
Suvorov in the Alps QRS (.pdf) used in an article in Wargames Ilustrated 327, by Tom Garnett  

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