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Regimental Fire and Fury
Liberator Wars
South America 1810-1830
Special Rules, unit organizations, period description - applicable to Napoleonic Wars (549kb)
Regular QRS- Legal Size Paper(.pdf) (451kb)
Regimental Fire & Fury
Rules for Forming Squares (.pdf)

Links of Interest
Grenadier Productions Source of Miniatures for the period.
Liberator Wars Timeline History of the Liberator Wars
Liberator Wars Blog Blog on "Napoleonic Wars in South America"
South American History Despite being devoted to Balkan History, this site has a section on South American history, with lots of pictures of painted figures and games in progress.
Atom Magazine An issue of "Against the Odds" magazine devoted to this period.
Regimentos De America Uniform/Painting Guide for the period.
Batallas de America Latina Wargaming blog (in Spanish) with lots of photos.
Regimental Fire and Fury Support Page

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