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Regimental Fire and Fury
Mexican War
Regimental Fire and Fury Tables for the MAW (Version 2.1 6MAY2014)
QRS for 15mm(.pdf)
Regimental Fire & Fury
Rules for Forming Squares (.pdf)

Links of Interest
Manifest Destiny Overview of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny with a Mexican War section.
Mexican War Vets By the Decendents of Mexican War Veterans. Includes transcripts of battle reports, nice prints, and a good overview narrative of the war.
Latin American Studies website Includes battle maps and a number of links
Warflags Flags suitable for printing from
The Aztec Club of 1847 The Aztec Club of 1847 - An organization of Mexican War U.S. officers founded on 13 October 1847 in Mexico City. The website contains short biographies of over 100 of its members. Good battle maps and excellent art collection.
Center Military History Online book from the U.S. Army Center of Military History website: FROM THE GOLDEN GATE TO MEXICO CITY THE U.S. ARMY TOPOGRAPHICAL ENGINEERS IN THE MEXICAN WAR, 1846 1848. Includes several sketches of battle maps.
Yahoo Mexican War Group Lots of information.
Eureka Miniatures Australian-based Eureka Miniatures. Excellent-looking Mexican War line.
Regimental Fire and Fury Support Page

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