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Regimental Fire and Fury
War of the Triple Alliance

The War of the Triple Alliance

The War of the Triple Alliance (WTA) was roughly contemporary with the American Civil War, lasting from 1864-1870. The WTA pitted the allies Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay against Paraguay. Although little known outside South America, it shaped the political landscape of the South American continent for over a century, resulted in more deaths than any other war in South American history, and led to the utter defeat of Paraguay, which lost 75%-90% of its male population.

The WTA is fertile grounds for wargamers, offering numerous battles, many variations of colorful flags and uniforms, and a vast range of unit types and quality.

Regimental Fire and Fury Tables for the WTA
Special Rules, unit organizations, period description
Regular QRS-Front and Back for Legal Size Paper(.pdf)
4 separate pages for Letter Sized Paper (.pdf)
Regimental Fire & Fury
Rules for Forming Squares (.pdf)

Scenario Name Description Time Period Author
Date Modified
Yatay A column of the Paraguayan Army under major Pedro Duarte is attacked by forces of the Triple Alliance commanded by Uruguay's president Venancio Flores. Brazil 17AUG1865 Brian Bradford, Rich Hasenauer M

Links of Interest
Wikipedia A Wikipedia Article on the WTA, outlining the historical context and general course of the war.
Wargames Illustrated A 6 part series on the WTA appeared in Wargames Illustrated Issues 43,45,46,47,57 and 58 back in the early 1990s. While it may be a hopeless task to look for the magazines themselves, WI did produce CDs with .pdf files of their back issues. These seem to no longer be available, but with enough public interest, they might revive them. You also might be able to get them on Ebay.
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