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BFWW2 Blitzkrieg Cards
Blitzkrieg Card Supplement
The Blitzkrieg Card Supplement expands the Battlefront WWII System into the early war period. It provides new cards for the German opponents in the Blitzkrieg campaigns of 1939 and 1940 (France and Poland), as well additional cards that will allow you to recreate battles up through the German invasion of Russia in 1941. Our Blitzkrieg Card Supplement contains 134 unit cards:

The unit cards provided in this supplement augment those found in the Battlefront WWII Rules and the Late War Card Supplement, allowing the Battlefront WWII system to cover most of the units in use during World War 2 by Germany, Russia, and Britain.

The Blitzkrieg Period. Players familiar with later periods of World War II will find that the Blitzkrieg era has a completely different feel. With a few noticeable exceptions, the tanks and weapons that dominate the battlefield with long range and thick armor are not yet in service. While tanks are fragile and weapons are short range, infantry generally is not equipped with effective anti-tank weapons (and also suffers from "tank-fright" when confronting armor). The result is a much heavier reliance on maneuver to bring all of your short-range weapons to bear effectively. This era also shows why weapons like the T-34 and German 88mm AA/AT gun (which remained almost unchanged into the mid-war period) were so highly regarded. All of these factors make the early-war period an interesting and different addition for the World War II gamer.

Tables of organization and additional information are being provided free on the website here or on our Orders of Battle page.

Early War French Units
FR-01 Char Léger FT17/18, Infantry TankFR-19 Laffly W-15 or 20TL, Medium Truck
FR-02 AMR33 Renault VM, Cavalry TankFR-20 Citroën 23, Medium Truck
FR-03 AMR Renault ZT, Cavalry TankFR-21 Motorcyclette, Motorcycle
FR-04 Char Légers Renault R35, Infantry Tank FR-22 Avant-train, Horse-drawn Limber
FR-05 Char Léger Renault FCM36, Infantry TankFR-23 75mm Mle 1897, Medium Field Gun
FR-06 Char de Cavalerie Hotchkiss H35, Cavalry TankFR-24 25mm Hotchkiss Mle 1934, Light Antitank Gun
FR-07 Char de Cavalerie Hotchkiss H39, Cavalry TankFR-25 47mm APX Mle 1937, Medium Antitank Gun
FR-08 Char de Cavalerie Somua S35, Cavalry TankFR-26 25mm Hotchkiss Mle 1938 Contre Avions, Light Antiaircraft Gun
FR-09 Char Moyens Renault D2, Infantry TankFR-27 Fusiliers, Infantry
FR-10 Char de Bataille B1 bis, Infantry TankFR-28 Dragon Portés, Motorized Dragoons
FR-11 Chenillette Lorraine 37L, Armored Personnel CarrierFR-29 Commandant, Commander
FR-12 Chenillette Renault UE31, Armored TractorFR-30 Groupe Franc, Scouts/Commandos
FR-13 Citroën-Kégresse P19 Portee, SP 25mm Anti-Tank GunFR-31 Cavalerie, Cavalry
FR-14 Citroën-Kégresse P19, Armored Personnel Carrier FR-32 Observateur d'Artillerie, Forward Observer
FR-15 AMD Panhard 178, Armored Car FR-33 Mitrailleuse Hotchkiss Mle 1914, Medium Machine Gun
FR-16 Laffly S20 TL Portée SP 25mm Antitank Gun FR-34 Mortier Léger Brandt Mle 1935, 60mm Light Mortar
FR-17 Laffly W-15 TCC Chasseur de Chars, Portee SP 47mm Antitank Gun FR-35 Mortier Moyen Brandt Mle 1927/31, 81mm Medium Mortar
FR-18 Voiture Citroën II BL Traction-avant, Staff Car  

Early German War Units
GE-69 klPzBefWg I, Command Tank GE-87 StuG III Ausf A, B, SP Assault Gun
GE-70 PzKpfw I B, Light Tank GE-88 Pz I sIG 33 15cm L/11.4 auf PzKw I, SP Infantry Gun
GE-71 PzKpfw II A, B, C, Light Tank GE-89 SPW SdKfz 251/7, Armored Engineer Vehicle
GE-72 PzKpfw II F, Light Tank GE-90 sPzSpw SkKfz 221, Light Armored Car
GE-73 PzKpfw III A-D, Medium Tank GE-91 sPzSpw SdKfz 222, Light Armored Car
GE-74 PzKpfw III E, Medium Tank GE-92 sPzSpw SdKfz 231 (8 Rad), Heavy Armored Car
GE-75 PzKpfw III F, G, Medium Tank GE-93 sPzSpw SdKfz 263 (8 Rad), Command Armored Car
GE-76 PzKpfw III H, Medium Tank GE-94 BMW R-71/R-75, Motorcycle
GE-77 PzKpfw III J, Medium Tank GE-95 Kettenkraftrad, Light Halftrack
GE-78 PzKpfw IV D, Close Support Tank GE-96 Horsch 830 B, Staff Car
GE-79 PzKpfw IV E, F(1), Close Support Tank GE-97 Leichtgeschütz 7.5cm LG40, Recoilless Gun
GE-80 PzKpfw IV F(2), Medium Tank GE-98 3.7cm PaK 36 L/46.5, Light Antitank Gun
GE-81 PzKpfw 35t, Medium Tank GE-99 8.8cm FlaK 36 L/56, Antiaircraft Gun
GE-82 PzKpfw 38t A-D, S, Medium Tank GE-100 Fallschirmjäger (early), Paratroopers
GE-83 PzKpfw 38t E, F, G, Medium Tank GE-101 Panzerbüchse 38/39, Antitank Rifle
GE-84 4.7cm L/43.4 PaK(t) auf PzKpfwI Fahrgestell, Medium SP Antitank Gun GE-102 Kavallerie, Cavalry
GE-85 Marder I, 7.5cm PaK40/1 auf Lorraine Schlepper(f), Medium SP Antitank Gun GE-103 5cm leGrW 36, 50mm Light Mortar
GE-86 Marder II, 7.5cm PaK36(r) auf PzKpfw II Fahrgestell, Medium SP Antitank Gun GE-104 JU-87 B-D1, Dive Bomber

Polish Units
PO-01 Czotg lekki 7TPjw, Light Tank PO-12 Armata polowa wz.02/26, 75mm Field Gun
PO-02 Czotg lekki 7TPdw, Light MG Tank PO-13 Armata ppanc. wz.36, 37mm Antitank Gun
PO-03 Czotg lekki Vickers E Type B, Light Tank PO-14 Piechota, Infantry
PO-04 Czotg lekki Vickers E Type A, MG Light Tank PO-15 Komandor, Commander
PO-05 Tankietki TK, TKS, TKS/20, Scout Tank PO-16 Artyleryjski Obserwator, Forward Observer
PO-06 Samochód Pancerny wz.29, Armored Car PO-17 Karabin ppanc wz.35, Antitank Rifle
PO-07 Samochód Pancerny wz.34, Armored Car PO-18 Karabin Maszynowy wz.30, Medium Machine Gun
PO-08 Sokol 1000, Motorcycle PO-19 Granatnik wz.36, 46mm Company Mortar
PO-09 Polski-Fiat 508/518, PZlnz 302, Utility Car, Gun Tractor PO-20 Mozdzierz wz.31, 81mm Mortar
PO-10 Polski-Fiat 621L, Medium Truck PO-21 Kawaleria, Cavalry
PO-11 Taczanka wz.37, Machine Gun Cart  

Early War British Units
BR-61 Vickers VI B, Light Tank BR-69 Matilda II, Infantry Tank
BR-62 Vickers VI C, Light Tank BR-70 Scout Carrier, Armored Transport
BR-63 A9 Cruiser I, Cruiser Tank BR-71 Humber, Light Recce Car
BR-64 A9 CS Cruiser I, Close Support Tank BR-72 Morris CS9/LAC, Light Armored Car
BR-65 A10 Cruiser II, Cruiser Tank BR-73 25mm Portee, 25mm SP Antitank Gun
BR-66 A10 CS Cruiser II, Close Support Tank BR-74 2-pdr Antitank Gun, Light Antitank Gun
BR-67 A13 Cruiser IVA, Cruiser Tank BR-75 25-pdr, Field Gun
BR-68 Matilda I, Infantry Tank BR-76 Boys Antitank Rifle

Early War Russian Units
RU-47 Tyazhel'i Tank KV-1, Heavy TankRU-57 Artilleriiskii Tank BT-7A, 76mm KT Artillery Tank
RU-48 Tyazhel'i Tank KV-2, Heavy TankRU-58 Legkii Tank T-60, Light Tank
RU-49 Tyazhel'i Tank T-35, Heavy TankRU-59 Malyi Plavayushchii Tank T-38, Amphibious Tank
RU-50 Srednii Tank T-28C, Medium TankRU-60 Komsmolets Legkii Artilleriiskii, Light Tractor
RU-51 Srednii Tank T-34
(Lend Lease Churchill IV)
RU-61 Srednii Broneavtomobil BA-10, Medium Armored Car
RU-52 Legkii Tank T-26, Light TankRU-62 Legkii Avtomobil GAZ-AA, Medium Truck
RU-53 Ognemetnyl Tank OT-133/134, Flamethrower TankRU-63 Tachanka, Horse-drawn Machinegun Cart
RU-54 Bystrokhodnyi Tank BT-2, Fast TankRU-64 Protivotankovaya Pushka obr.1937, Antitank Gun
RU-55 Bystrokhodnyi Tank BT-5, Fast TankRU-65 Opolchenie, Militia Infantry
RU-56 Bystrokhodnyi Tank BT-7, Fast TankRU-66 Kavaleriiskii Poluvzvod, Cavalry

General Card (all nations)
GN-01 Bicycle

Replacement and Correction Cards
GE-38.1 7.5cm leIG18 L/12, Light Infantry Gun 
RU-01.1 Legkii Tank T-70, Light Tank 
RU-23.1 Protivotankovoe Ruzh'e PTRD, Antitank Rifle 
RU-43.1 Motosiket M-72, Motorcycle 
RU-44.1 Polevaya Pushka BS-3, 100mm Field Cannon 

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